Friday, May 11, 2007

Freshman Year - Part 15, We Get It Right

Life went on at Cayuga pretty much a usual without my virginity. I continued to attend my classes and the weather heated up during the spring. I had to collect some vertebrates for my vertebrate biology class. So while walking around campus one day, I saw a huge Eastern garter snake sunning itself on a rock.

I squatted down slowly for a closer look and then in a flash made my move to catch it. I grabbed it right behind its head so that it could not bite me. While not poisonous, this snake could have given me a bite that would have bled and left two small puncture scars. It would have hurt too. The damn thing was powerful. It wrapped around my bare arm and shit all over me trying to get me to let it go. But I was resolute and not going to let go. I had nothing to put it in though. So I walked directly to the science wing to release it into a tank we had set up for such captures.

Once released into the tank, I could examine it more closely. It had to be nearly four feet long! The girth was also astounding and there was a large healed scar on the dorsal side, probably from a lawn mover. I was impressed with my catch. It sure was a great size for dissection. I washed the snake shit off of myself and grinned. I felt like the proud hunter with my catch.

We also went electro fishing for that class. We put on rubber waders and went into a bubbling stream with metal rods hooked to a generator and charged the stream with electricity. The poor stunned fish just floated to the surface where we netted them. Fishing sure was easy this way. We got some beautiful good sized trout too!

Later in the season I caught a baby Eastern garter snake which I decided to keep as a pet in a plastic box under my bed and feed earthworms as it was too small for dissection and way too cute. I made sure to show it to my roommates. They were predictably disgusted. I was pleased as punch to give them another reason to fear my side of the room. I released it back into the wild at the end of the semester telling it it had done its job well.

The exams for vertebrate biology were nerve wracking. The professor would lay out the wax dissection trays one per desk with the small animal corpses in position and one or more pin in an organ, tissue, muscle or bone that we were to identify. One student was assigned to each desk. A small alarm clock was set for a few minutes and the test began. You had those few minutes to identify the part the pin was in before the alarm went off and then you were to move to the next desk. It was killer.

Wax dissection tray with black wax

Tick, tick, tick, tick… RRRRRRRRRRRrrrriiiinggggggggg! Move. Identify. Tick, tick, tick, tick... RRRRRRRRRRRrrrriiiinggggggggg! Move. Identify. Tick, tick, tick, tick… RRRRRRRRRRRrrrriiiinggggggggg! Move. Identify. Tick, tick, tick, tick… RRRRRRRRRRRrrrriiiinggggggggg! Move. Identify. Get the picture? That went on until the exam was over. You just had to hope that none of the students moved the pins. The smell of formaldehyde was pervasive. You would leave the room and your breath would reek of it. God forbid you wouldn’t know what something was. What a nightmare. It was like one needed a sedative to take the exams!

The part could be from any vertebrate, a fish, an amphibian, a reptile, a bird or a mammal. Also, the animal could be any size. Once, the sternum of an ostrich was used alone without any other parts of the bird. Boy, I didn’t get that one but some people did. But vertebrates was relatively easy as courses go. I think I got a B+ in it.

Tom couldn’t see me for a couple of weeks as rowing competitions were taking up quite a bit of his time. But we arranged to get together finally. I took the bus to Cornell and we spent the day at Fall Creek Gorge. Just like when we were at Cascadilla, we hiked down to the water at the base of the falls where one could go in if it were warmer out. The great thing about hiking with Tom is that there were lots of excuses to hold hands, like traversing precariously over tipsy rocks with unsure footings. Sometimes I would inadvertently fall into him and oops! Pardon me, was that you there? Of course he played along. He knew my game and was so into it. Although we enjoyed each others’ company immensely, we both couldn’t wait until later.

Later that day, we went to the Herbert F. Johnson Museum. There was a wonderful exhibition of static metal sculpture that moved and made sound in the basement exhibit area. For example, there was a large square base, about 15 by 15 feet, with different heights and widths of metal rods rising from it and if you touched one, it vibrated off of the others creating a wonderful sound, not unlike a piano soundboard. It was as if you threw a pebble into a pond; sending reverberations further into the water. I could play in that room for hours. Tom and I amused ourselves there and then moved up to the permanent Asian collection. I loved Asian art, even then. The view from the top floor of the museum was exquisite. There was a band of windows that covered three sides of the top floor. There was quite a vista from which one could see the neighboring valleys, Cayuga Lake and any weather fronts that happened to be making their way into the area. Once I sat and watched a thunder and lightening storm move in and it was the most dramatic thing I have ever seen.

Tom had arranged a dorm room for us to use that night instead of a room at the fraternity. Compared to our night in my dorm room, Tom was kind of suave. We hugged upon entering the room and he promised me a different sort of experience. We began to undress while we kissed and made out. He told me how much I turned him on and I loved hearing it. Finally naked, he donned a condom and turned to me. He embraced me standing, his lubed erection poking my belly since he was taller. He kissed me deeply as we slid into the bed. He used his legs to spread mine and without using his hands he entered me like a pro. He was much smoother now and it felt much better to me too. He began to fuck me at a pretty regular pace and after a while I got into it and it began to feel pretty good. Then it began to feel really good. Then I started to get excited and hot and really turned on. I started to moan uncontrollably and buck up a bit with my hips. Tom seemed to like that and responded by quickening his pace too. Oh god, I thought to myself, I think I am going to cum! The next thing I knew I was cumming! I couldn’t help it, but I cried out something unintelligible and in between a scream and a moan. Oh god, it felt so fucking good to feel my body responding to his! I just didn’t want it to stop. Tom was making me feel so good! I began to say, “Tom, don’t stop!” I must have repeated myself a million times, but he came by then and it was all over.

He looked up and had a sheepish grin on his face. “That was better than the first time wasn’t it?”

“Oh god, yes!”

He smiled proudly. I just wanted to do it again. But I knew that men don’t work that way and it would take time before we could do it again.


mr tickle said...

You heard about the time when God pulling out gifts for Adam and Eve from his bag of tricks?

Doug said...

I was going to leave a comment this afternoon about how much I love the whole snake thing (reptiles, I mean) but then I got shy and decided against it but now that you've taken me by the shoulders and shaken me about lurking, I've decided to leave the comment: I love all the stuff about snakes, it reminded me of when I was a kid and loved exploring the woods behind our house for bugs and creepy crawlies; snakes fascinate me, though I am totally freaked out by them now and prefer them behind glass or in photos; trouser snakes, however, I prefer up close and personal, and I am glad that your second encounter with one was so much fun.

Sue said...

Aron - you will have to remind me.

Doug - I love snakes too. I was pretty happy about that second encounter too. :) Thanks for commenting.

Shaney said...

Hmmm I love to read your life stories Sue...But those snakes...wriggly, hissing, unpredictable,creepy reptiles...OK them & spiders are pets hates of mine...Although I will scream like a girl if a spider lands on me, but if a snake appears in my path or I approach it..I am able to pass by (with caution) I dont freeze & crap Oh FFS Shaney just shut it...Ok I go now!

Sue said...

Hmmm. I think I'd like to hear you scream like a girl. :) Thanks for the comment Shaney Boy! Susie loves getting comments!!!