Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oliver Frey Drawing via Caballero - A New Link

In one of my recent Google searches looking for bloggers that linked to Fair View without our knowledge (Why they do that is beyond me, and boy I would really love to know why this site did!) I found Caballero had added me as a link. Even better, I found that Caballero had posted an Oliver Frey drawing, Hot and Strong, that was new to me.

I had to crop the image, as it was a bit too adult for this blog, but you can see the entire image here. I hate having to crop an artist's work. But it is a beauty, don't you agree? Look at the roundness yet firmness of the musculature and the open mouthed expression of the men. It is just awe inspiring.

I don't even know the country of origin of Caballero. I have left comments asking, but have not had a reply. The language on the blog is Spanish. Any way, it seems to be a quality eye candy blog. The collection is eclectic, timeless and new everyday. If you miss a day, it is archived and gone forever. Here is a sample of a day's photos:

I now visit Caballero every day. I think I am old enough. Adults only. Enjoy!


Ryan said...

wow nice pics! i just wanted 2 say thanx 4 all your support it means the world 2 me.

Sue said...

Oh Ryan, you are more than welcome. I only have best wishes for you and Mike in these tough times!

David said...

Oooh, that last pic. Heavens!

Doug said...

Just hopped over to Caballero, and WOW, hot and beautiful.

G Cracker said...

That illustration is really beautiful -- like, it's kinda hot but it goes beyond that. It's kind of like...Greek gods in art form, I guess. Wow!