Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Freshman Year - Part 14, The Deflowering


Tom managed to get a ride to Cayuga campus with a pal and I met him in my dorm’s lobby. We hugged and kissed hello in full view of the dorm president whoever else just happened to be standing around. Tom recognized the pres from my description and shot him a dirty look, which was noticed. I noted that Tom was taller than the dorm pres. It was so great to have Tom with me at school! Then with Tom’s arm around my shoulder we walked up the stairs to my room. I couldn’t wait for my roomies to meet Tom and see how gorgeous he was.

My roomies were in and both were very impressed to meet Tom as far as I could tell. Frankly, I think they were shocked that I could get such a cool and hunky guy. They always hung out with such losers. I took Tom out for a personally guided “tour” of campus that included all of the secluded make-out spots, of course. I made sure there were many of those, you know, hidden niches in between buildings, groves of trees, and twists in paths not visible to the public. Together we enjoyed all of those. Oh god, it was so hot, as if we had never been together before. We kissed with wet sloppy kisses. He had really improved his technique in that area. He reached into my coat and grabbed my breast; his thumb stroked my nipple which became erect quickly at his touch. We pressed our bodies together as I tried to see if he had an erection yet, and he did, though it was tough to tell through all of his clothes and mine. He ground his pelvis against me. I responded firmly to give him pressure back that he needed. Yikes! We needed to get a room! But we wouldn’t have one until tonight and that was hours away. We ended up hugging each other and making promises about what we would do later.

We went downtown for dinner to a little Italian place called Joe’s. They had the best red clam sauce on angel hair pasta so that is what we both had. The décor in Joe’s was right out of the 50’s. The walls were upholstered with worn gold vinyl and had buttons here and there and the booths were Formica with shiny red vinyl upholstered seats. It was quite a place.

There was a dance with some no name rock and roll band in the student union that night and Tom and I were planning to go. I was really excited because I didn’t usually go to these things with a date. Now I had a real live man to go with. We walked in and I felt like all eyes were on me and Tom. Actually they were. I saw Dwayne and Eddie. Eddie’s jaw just about hit the floor when he saw I was with Tom. I thought, that’s right Eddie, I’m with this big white handsome stud. Tom and I didn’t dance much, and the “music” made it pretty difficult, so we just hung around. But it was really cool and fun just to be there with my man and make an impression and be seen as a couple. I felt like that added to my identity somehow, but I wasn’t sure why. Finally it was time to go back to my dorm, so we left to walk home.

It was a frosty night, but our hormones kept us raging warm all the way back to the dorm. We entered and raced up the stairs to the room. My roomies were there and we asked them to leave as previously arranged. They did as asked cheerfully, but with conspiratorial looks that made me suspicious. But hey, who was I to complain? They were doing what I asked, but I didn’t trust them. I locked the door, but they had keys. I mentioned my distrust to Tom, but he didn’t thing they would dare do anything on our special night.

We turned off all the lights but one small one by the bed. We began by kissing. I felt nearly out of control with lust. It was all I could do to calmly remove my clothes and his as he helped. He was erect now, oh boy. I kissed his nipples as he fished for the condom. He had gone for one of the lubricated ones and as he opened it, the lube just went everywhere and made a huge mess.

He said, “They’re not farting around when they say lubricated, are they?”

I laughed and he put the condom on. I got down on my back and he kissed me on the mouth. He looked into my eyes and put a hand on his penis to help guide it into me. He looked down to make sure and seemed uncomfortable in the position. Just then, my roommates decided to pound on the door and make a general commotion. Great fucking timing!

“Fuck!” exclaimed Tom. “Those retards! I hate your fucking roommates!”

He lowered his head down next to mine as if defeated. We just lay there until their din stopped. I must say this, at least Tom’s erection didn’t quit.

More determined than ever, Tom entered me. I was a virgin, but it didn’t hurt at all and there was no blood. Must have been all that horse back riding as a kid. Tom never seemed to get comfortable with the position or the motion, to be honest it never did feel quite right to me either, and after a few minutes he gave up in frustration. He sighed and said, “Did you come?”

“No. Did you?” I asked, though I knew he hadn’t.


A bit of time passed and then he asked, “Are you okay?”


“Those damn roommates of yours.”

“Yeah. I want to try again sometime soon. How about you?”


Then we kissed and slept. I was pretty disappointed. I knew for sure that sex just had to be better than this. We were just beginners and didn’t know what we were doing. The next morning, Tom had to leave early to make it to a regatta. I couldn’t even face my roommates. Of course they would tease me. I just had to put on the, oh, of course we had a wonderful night of sex face. I did, but it wasn’t easy.

Cornell's Heavy Weight Men's 8 Rowing Shell

Later that day after Tom left for his regatta, I ran into Eddie at the dining hall. He came and sat down with me, which was unusual because since Colleen left he never paid any attention to me.

“So, where is that big stud I saw you with the other night?”


“Oh, you must mean Tom. He went off to a regatta today. He doesn’t go to school here. I only see him on weekends.” I replied.

“That’s cool. So you are free now?”


“Free for me to hang with.”

“What? Oh, I guess.”

I had no idea what Eddie was talking about. But he followed me around and back to my dorm. Once in my room, he sat on my bed and looked directly at me with those beautiful big green eyes and bounced up and down and said, “Hum. This could be nice. Couldn’t it?” Then he winked at me suggestively.

Finally I understood what he was getting at. He wanted to sleep with me. “Eddie. No. What makes you think that I would sleep with you?”

“Well in my neighborhood, they say that if a woman is giving it up to one man, why wouldn’t she give it up to two?”

“It is called fidelity Eddie. I am going to be faithful to Tom.”

“Are you sure about that Sue? How do you know that he will be faithful to you?”

“What a silly question. Of course he will.”

“Well, you only see him one day a week. What is he going to do for the other 6? What are you going to do for the other 6?”

“Be faithful.”

“Uh huh. Okay. But don’t say I didn’t offer.”

I stood to show him out as I had to leave anyhow. He walked out ahead of me and god his ass was gorgeous. I bit my lip to stop myself from calling him back. He had been with so many ladies, I was sure he could get me off with out any problem. I cursed myself for almost being weak and let him go.

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Eddie: So Slowly

Tom: Stunning Sexy Guys


G Cracker said...

Again, I find myself wishing I'd gone to school with you. Not only would your roomies *not* have interrupted (I've done that kind of guard duty before, I really don't mind. :D) but, uhm, I would have gotten Eddie off your back (and onto mine ;)), if he looks anything at all like that picture or how you described him!

Sue said...

Thanks G! You'd have made a wonderful friend! And Eddie was every bit that hot, even better since he was real!