Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fair View Welcomes LASC&OS

Welcome to Jessica and her blog Lord Arthur Savile's Crimes and Other Stories. This eye candy blog is strictly for adults only and features topics such as the daily fix, my latest crush, hot guy of the day, body builders, porn stars, daddies, and newest additions to my harem. When I was young and energetic, I dreamed of having a harem too. A bit scary I think that I was so like Jessica when I was young. Here is Jessica's first post about her harem:


So, I've decided to start a collection of men [and women] I want in my harem. The list shall be long, and I suspect I will never complete it. However, here's a few:

These are two of the four guys in that post. Then she adds to the harem throughout her blog. She must have lots of energy. After all, she is only 19 years old. She's just a whipper snapper.

Jessica, I wish you long life and happiness and keep on blogging. We can't get enough of your men!


SYNRGY said...

Jessica reminds me of someone... Hmmm, Shes on the tip of my little pierced tongue... Maybe I'll ask Mr. Butterfly... He may know who... ;)

Sue said...

Yes, she reminds me of a younger me. Pierced tongue. Hmm. Fun! :) What else is pierced (besides ears)?

Jessica said...

::hiss:: 19?!?! I'm just two days shy of 21, thank you very much! Pbhhhhhhhhhhhhht! Ack, if I'm having that much fun at 50, I've no problem being like Sue.

On the piercings: Is it true that a guy w/ a Prince Albert has to piss sitting down? I read that in a magazine, but have no way of verifying it.

BTW, thank for the props, Sue!

Sue said...

Jessica, I'm just going by what your blog says your age is. Not a problem Jessica. :)

Jessica said...

My blog profile says I'm 20... Playin' games with me.