Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation - Part 11

Pavel led Sue to her tent. They both crouched down to enter, Pavel first and then Sue. They weren’t wearing much after their soak in the hot spring, but they undressed quickly and Pavel got into the sleeping bag, and held it open for Sue. She gazed at his naked body in the lamp light. God he was fucking gorgeous! What a man! No wonder she had let him have his way with her that first time. How could she have said no to anything he wanted?

She scooted in to him quickly and felt warmed right away though she did not remember feeling cold. His strong arms held her tight across her lower back. One hand slid down to grasp her buttock as her leg slid up to his circle his hip. He lifted his head to kiss her gently on the mouth, but that soon turned into a passionate deep kiss. She moaned with longing and want as she began to lose control and slide into lust.

“Not to worry zolotoi, Pavel will not hurt you. Only love you gently and tenderly.”

But Sue wanted Pavel to lose control too, so she slid down into the sleeping bag, licking her way down his body. First she licked and gently bit his nipples and in short order they stood erect. He gasped when she did that. Then she moved down to muscular abs and made them wet. The head of his penis wetted her chin with precum. So, she lowered her mouth and licked it off of him there. He moaned and his hands went to her head. She swirled her tongue around the head of his penis as he seemed to be holding his breath. Then she opened as wide as she could and tried to get as much as possible in her mouth. It wasn’t so much his length, but the width that was the issue. At least he tapered some. Try as she might, she could only get about half in her mouth. He sure was a mouthful. Then, with her other hand, she caressed his nuts. She circled them with her index finger and thumb and massaged them gently, pulling them away from his body. She bobbed her head and sucked for all she was worth.

He lay back to enjoy the blow job. But, it wasn’t igniting the mindless passion she wanted in him. It was not that her skill was lacking, it was just that he was determined to not hurt her again. He allowed himself to moan as her efforts moved him, but then it was time to fuck her. But how to do it so that he would not hurt her and she could not hurt herself he thought as he donned the condom. Then he thought of a way. He brought her up to him and flipped her over so that she was facing away from him. He held her tightly kissed her neck until her head fell back with abandon. With one arm across her breasts and one arm lower, he entered her from behind. She was so wet already that it was hardly any struggle to gain entrance. He kept one hand low to control her movements and give her pleasure if she needed more. In this position it was pretty much impossible for her to move much. But he moved steadily. In, out, in, out, fucking her. She tried to buck, but he held her tight to him, all the while giving her pleasure with his cock and his hand.

“Steady my love. Relax and enjoy. Slow down. Pavel will not hurt you.” But she continued to struggle so he cautioned her, “Don’t make me tie you down.”

She had half a mind to make him do it. But she had more control than that and said, “Oh, god that would be so fucking hot. But, I’ll stop moving, I promise.”

She remained as still as possible allowing only Pavel to move. All that could be heard was her breathing. Hers was deep and fast, timed to each thrust. He pinned her lower leg under his for better leverage and began to move a bit more quickly now.

After a while of his steadily plowing her, she urged him, “Pavel don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

Stopping was the last thing on Pavel’s mind. Maybe it was not being able to move as she was being fucked, but Sue let out a scream as she orgasmed. Pavel hurriedly covered her mouth for fear that Volchuk and Mr. Butterfly would hear. But then Pavel could feel Sue’s insides clamping down on his organ with her climax and he could not stop himself from cumming in response. It was that fucking hot to feel her body involuntarily milking him.

“Ah fuck!” said Pavel. “I came.”

But Sue was not all the way back from her climax yet. She just laid there, kind of listless still in a state of bliss.

“I’m sorry. I was going to try to give you another orgasm before I came.”

Sue just sort of gazed through Pavel. “Oh?”

He hugged her tighter and asked, “Are you hurt?”

“No, I feel wonderful. Just hold me.”

So Pavel took one arm and supported her head and the other he wrapped around her breasts, with one hand over a breast so that a nipple poked in between his fingers. They spooned and he removed his leg from in between hers. She found his warm breath on her neck very reassuring as well.

In no time they were asleep in the constant twilight of the Icelandic night.


pjotr said...

Почему они держат его тихо для га-н Бабочки и Volchuk, они на ем слишком в постоянн сумерк icelandic ночи...

Sue said...

Here is the translation of your comment: Why they hold it(him) silently for hectares-? of the Butterfly and Volchuk, they on I eat too in постоянн сумерк icelandic nights...


pjotr said...

Why would they have to keep quiet for Mr. Butterfly and Volchuk since they are both at it in the constant twilight of the Icelandic night...

We both use different translation systems.

Sue said...

Well, I guess so! It is just like in the movie Lost in the Translation. Ah, but you have not taken into account the personality of the ever private Dr. Sidorov. He would not want Mr. Butterfly to hear and come running to see if Sue was okay. See?

Shaney said...

LOL...OK I thought I was lost after having fallen behind in Friday Fantasy, now I am thinking we might all be a little lost at times...But I like I lust I....hmmm ok pleasurable reading Sue...*winks*

Sue said...

Make sure you read the last one Shaney. It has some surprises!

SYNRGY said...

WOW... I need a cig... :)

Sue said...

Glad you enjoyed it Syn.

Shaney said...

The last one - you mean this one that I have already read or the last one as in there is one more to go & you are yet to
Sowwy - Im a little ditzy today!

Sue said...

Part 10. The one before this one about Volchuk and Mr. Butterfly is a must read.