Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Junior Year - Part 2, Dump Two, Gain One

At some point I received a letter from Evan in Athens, Georgia. I was with Sam and when I opened it a fat joint rolled out. Sam couldn’t wait to light it up. So he did and we smoked it.

“Wow! That is some good shit!”, said Sam.

“Yup. See that’s why I can’t get off on the Mexican shit you guys smoke up here. We had the good stuff down there.”

Anyhow, I read the letter and it said stuff like how he missed me and how his dog should have her big old head in my lap.

I sure I wished I could explain how I dumped him because he was a drug dealer and all, but there was no percentage in doing that. So, I didn’t write back at all.

Eventually, my body builder boyfriend Zach, from Cornell, called me and asked me to come over for a visit too. I had told Sam about him. I just wouldn’t feel right about breaking up with him over the phone as he had been very good about writing to me while I was in Georgia, so I asked Sam to drive me to Cornell and he agreed. The very same weekend, Sam drove me to Cornell and dropped me off at Zach’s Fraternity.

Of course there was a party and Zach looked just a delicious as I remembered. He was tan and must have worked out over the summer because he was all bulked up and huge. I couldn’t wait to paw him. He gave me a big kiss and we danced. We helped ourselves to drinks. Some how he had arranged to have his room all to himself this that evening.

When we got there we were all over each other. I wanted to tear his clothes off of his body he was so hot. But I fussed with the fucking buttons on his shirt and he helped; damn there were too many. Finally I could see his pecs and abs. He was a god! I nearly fainted. His arms were a prize too. But he wanted to see me, and I just couldn’t understand that, but whatever. My clothes came off really quickly. I was so hot for him and when he mounted me I realized that if he didn’t lift me up and fuck me hard, literally pound me with his body strength, his penis just wasn’t big enough to get me off the way that Sam’s was.

This was kind of a disappointing realization. But I knew I had to dump him anyway because it wasn’t fair to Sam to date Zach, at least in my mind. I just wasn’t cool enough to date more than one guy at a time. I sure would miss my body builder boyfriend. But, I was still underneath Zach, and he was pounding away, trying to get me off while I was thinking these thoughts. I held him tighter and lifted my pelvis a bit to urge him on. He grabbed my ass and lifted it a bit. Then suddenly he grunted and came. He kissed me and said that he was tired. I let it go.

The next day Sam picked me up as planned. Later that week I wrote a “Dear John”, letter to Zach, saying that I didn’t understand the nature of our relationship and that I thought we should end it. I never heard from him again. Now that Sam had me all to himself, he decided to take me home to meet his father, Hershel and step-mother Wallis, who lived in Amityville on Long Island.

Sam drove us down there one weekend in his Audi 90 at about 80 miles per hour which gets you there pretty fast, let me tell you.

My first impression was that Sam looked nothing like Hershel, but later when I met Sam’s mother, I saw where his looks came from. However, Sam’s father was just the nicest guy you could ever meet. Their house was a cape cod, just like the one I grew up in so I felt at home right away. In the living room there were two large recliners in front of the television set. It was obvious that plenty of tv was watched in this home.

Hershel and Wallis owned the cutest shorthair dachshunds named Oscar and Mayer. Each dog was exactly lap size. The favorite story was how one day they were eating Szechwan food and dropped a piece and of course, Oscar got to it before it could hit the floor, only to realize it was hotter than he bargained for. He was at his water dish the rest of the night.

That night, Sam confided to me that he was falling in love with me. I did not handle it well at all. I just didn’t feel the same way yet, and when I balked in replying by trying lamely to make a joke about it he got very upset. Then I had to spend the rest of the evening soothing his injured feelings. It was not a pretty sight. Basically, I fucked up.


thonnibg said...

Like the story.Can`t wait to read what will happen between Sam and "you".

Jessica said...

I'm hooked, Sue.