Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 8, Devil Down Under

Mr. Butterfly was so incapacitated in the morning, that he felt he needed medical attention that very day. He was weak and shaky and had intermittent chills. But, trooper that he was, he packed and the boys checked out, ate breakfast and drove south for Melbourne and the airport. Flights for Sydney left every hour and Donnie and Mr. Butterfly bid farewell to Nicholas, who was stationed in Melbourne, and caught a Qantas flight for Sydney.

On their way there, Mr. Butterfly confided to Donnie that he wanted to stop and see a physician in Sydney before they checked into their hotel. Donnie looked a bit surprised but accepted it. One hour and 20 minutes later they landed in Sydney at around 2:20 pm.

They rented a car and got directions to St. Vincent’s Hospital, which was only 9 minutes away by car.

Of course that didn’t count on Sydney traffic. It really took closer to half an hour to get there.

They went to the emergency room entrance and Mr. Butterfly signed in. Sometime later he shown to an exam room by a grumpy looking Sister, given a cotton exam gown or johnnie that opens in the back and instructed to take off all of his street clothes and change into it.

Eventually a physician’s assistant, a sympathetic Mr. Mukergee, came in to talk with him. “Hello. I am Mr. Mukergee. I see here that even though you hold a doctorate in Lepidoptera you prefer to be called Mr. Butterfly.”

Mr. Mukergee was so attractive with his huge brown eyes, pink soft lips and all of his facial piercings and his diamond stud earring that Mr. Butterfly could not help but flirt a little bit. “Oh yes, Mr. Butterfly will be quite sufficient.” It was all he could do not to wink at the man, but he did bat his eyelashes. He just couldn’t wait to be examined now!

“Interesting complaint. Intense bad dreams with sweating chills that began when you hit Australian soil. We have no endemic infections that would cause that. I don’t see anything in your medical history that would explain it either. Are you taking any psychotropic drugs Mr. Butterfly?”


“Okay. Please describe these dreams to me Mr. Butterfly.”

“I would rather not, if you don’t mind.”

“Yes, I see. Okay, then I will examine you now.”

First Mr. Mukergee took Mr. Butterfly’s blood pressure. “Hmm. That’s a little high.” But he just winked at Mr. Butterfly. Mr. Butterfly had the grace to blush. His body would not lie for him. After taking his oral temperature and finding it normal too, Mr. Mukergee took a little flashlight and peered into Mr. Butterfly’s eyes. Then the PA listened to his breathing. It was Mr. Butterfly's pleasure to breathe deeply for him. “Lie back please.” Mr. Mukergee palpated Mr. Butterfly’s organs and lymph nodes. There was no hiding the erection that had sprouted during this part of the exam. Feeling those gentle healing hands on him was a bit too much for Mr. Butterfly, especially when they neared his groin. The exam was over way too soon for Mr. Butterfly.

“Sit up please. You are as healthy as can be Mr. Butterfly. Well, we will test for the drugs anyhow. Not that we don’t trust you, but you may not be aware of what you are taking. I will take some tubes of your blood to test for pathogens and drugs. I don’t see any other findings to explain your symptoms at this time unfortunately. I am sorry.” With that, he pulled out numerous empty tubes for blood collection and a butterfly syringe and tubing. He expertly drew blood from Mr. Butterfly’s arm, enough to fill 5 collection tubes and had them sent to the lab. “Please provide us with the address and phone number where you will be staying while you are in Australia Mr. Butterfly and we will let you know the results.” With that he removed the gloves.

“I will. Thank you Mr. Mukergee.” They shook hands.

Mr. Butterfly left the treatment area and joined Donnie in the waiting area. “So, did he know what was wrong with you?”

“No, but they are running a drug panel. But I haven’t done any drugs, so they are stumped. I just feel fucked.”

“Hang in there. You’ll be okay.”, said Donnie, trying to cheer Mr. Butterfly up. He gave him a little pat on the back too. They both got back into the rental car and drove north on the F 3 towards the hotel. But first, they crossed the famous Harbor Bridge, from which they could see the Opera House.

They really were going to have to spend some time here on their way back. Sydney was like a picture post card of a holiday destination in that it was so clean, bright and shiny with picturesque views abounding in every direction. They drove on. Following the directions given by the hotel, they found it with no problem.

The Wombat Bed & Breakfast: a lovely choice. They checked in and surveyed their suite.

They had a lovely dinner at a nearby fish place and then went to bed early. Mr. Butterfly read his book, hoping not to fall asleep again and have horrible dreams. Maybe he’d dream about Mr. Mukergee. That would be wonderful. So he was in bed and at some point he did fall asleep and he began to dream.

In the dream he was in the exam room with a naked Mr. Mukergee and he was wearing the cotton exam gown that opened in the back. “Lie back said Mr. Mukergee” So he did. Then Mr. Mukergee palpated his body as he had in the exam. But when he found his erection he said “What is this here? We shall have to deal with this!” He pulled up the gown and began to suck and lick the young explorer’s cock. Then he took the entire member into his mouth while looking up into the young explorer’s eyes. The young explorer was in heaven. This dream wasn’t so bad. “Roll over; we have to take your temperature now.” So the young explorer did. The exam gown naturally opened in the back and he felt a smallish dildo being shoved gently up his ass. “Back onto your front now”, said Mukergee. Next, Mr. Mukergee got up onto the exam table with the young explorer and straddled him, placing the young explorer’s now condom covered erection so that it pointed at his anus. Slowly, he inserted it. This felt really good to the young explorer. Then Mr. Mukergee began to rise and fall slowly on Mr. Butterfly’s erection. Mr. Butterfly moved his hips in time with Mukergee.

This dream was a welcome change from the previous. They continued to make love and Mr. Butterfly felt he was getting close. The combination of his erection being stimulated by Mukergee’s tight butt and the dildo bearing down on his prostate was too much pleasure to bear!

Suddenly, Donnie and Nicholas appeared from behind a curtain and pulled Mr. Mukergee off of Mr. Butterfly. “Mr. Mukergee!”, yelled Nicholas. “What is your diagnosis of this man?”

“There is an erectile mass in the pelvis Dr. Throckmorton.”

“How do we deal with masses Mr. Mukergee?”

“We surgically excise them Dr. Throckmorton.”

“Please proceed then.”

Mr. Mukergee was dressed in full sterile surgical gear and was brandishing a scalpel. Mr. Butterfly screamed in horror. Unexpectedly, his arms and legs were tied to the exam table and he could not move. Mr. Mukergee was getting closer…

Then he woke up. He was in a full cold sweat again and had to change the sheets. It was around 3:00 am. What was he going to do? Should he fly home? He was getting desperate. But he went back to sleep; there was nothing he could do tonight.

Photo credit Mr. Mukergee: So Slowly


about a boy said...

my god woman. you just made my mister run and hide!

peter said...

Sue, I love your cliffhangers... so close and still so far away!

thonnibg said...

So,this it how Australia influences Mr.Butterfky`s dreams:))
Well,I`m in a full cold sweat too!

Thanks for the beautiful pics and detailed picture of Australia,Sue.

Some years ago,Australia was my only dream destination.Well,it is now too!I think Australia is an amazing country.Even though its climate can be quite rough in some areas.Sigh,now I wanna go there again.But that damn long 25 hour flight would kill me:)
Sue,have you been to Australia?Cuz I think,you mentioned somewhere you have.

Sue said...

No, I have not been there yet.

Doug said...