Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 6, Devil Down Under

“Where have you been all weekend stranger?”, asked Chuck as he swiveled to face the front door in his office chair to see Austin come in. Austin blushed immediately and closed the door behind him. “Hang on, you got laid! I can see it all over your face!” Austin blushed more.

“Actually I had a great weekend and I’ll tell you all about it once I’ve had a cup of joe.” Austin took off his camo field jacket and hung it on the hat rack, grabbed his mug and filled it with black coffee and sat down at his cubicle. “I met this awesome guy on Friday night. He is so gorgeous! I spent the whole weekend with him. I think I’m in love!”

“What is your dreamboat’s name?”

“Doug! And he has a boxer dog named Dorothy!”

“So, when are you moving in with him?”

“Funny you should ask…”

The airplane had spotted the whale shark not too far from us and our dive boat changed direction and headed there. I was so stoked to see one and I looked at Pete and the excitement was written all over my face. It was the fantasy of a lifetime come true for me. He gave me a quick hug against his wooly chest to share my excitement. God he was hot. Soon, the whale was spotted from our boat and we had to be ready to enter the water with our snorkel gear. We walked over to the dive platform at the rear of the boat carrying our fins and put them on there.

Pete clapped me on the back and said “Are you ready for this dream to come true?” I just smiled at him hugely in reply. Then we could see the whale shark and it was just too exciting; it was so fucking huge! I wanted to be in the water immediately. But they are fast swimmers and we had to time it so that it wouldn’t out swim us. The boat positioned us so we were ahead of where it was swimming. Then I spread my legs and took the big step that plunged me into the cool Pacific waters. Pete joined me.

I was lit up with excitement as he entered me, I could not catch my breath. He was a leviathan beneath me, raising me up with his body’s sheer strength, his massive cock itself lifting me up. I screamed with ecstasy as I felt the friction building, building, building.

The blue water bubbled up around me and I looked over and could see the whale shark’s tiny eye as it swam right up to me, its huge mouth gaping side to side to gather microscopic food. It was a breathtaking sight. I could feel the large prow wave foreshadowing the whale’s bulk pushing me to the side. The water was aquamarine and the whale’s skin black and spotted with white as it approached. It was enormous!

Pete grabbed my breast from behind me and groaned his pleasure as he fucked me. I turned my head and kissed him deeply, deeply and sucked on his tongue. He rubbed his massive pectorals on my back and I moaned with the pleasure of it. I could also feel the fuzziness of his pelvis on my ass as he lifted me when he arched his back and put his huge hand onto my crotch to pleasure me.

The size was daunting! Huge pectoral fins could have brushed me, but didn’t as he swam past. He was large, but so gentle as if he knew his size and our fragility. The whale kept swimming by even though I was swimming as fast as I could; it was enormously long. It had to be 40 feet. The tail slowly swept back and forth and missed me only by inches.

His cock was relentless as he pounded me; first as I laid on my back on top of him, or any other position we tried. We both breathed heavily, panting as we made love. We glistened with sweat in the less than adequate air conditioning. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Everything was perfect. I was close to climax and so was he.

I swam like a sprinter and kept pace with it for a while, but then I had to let it go. I breathed furiously through the snorkel and could hear my elevated pulse still throbbing in my ears as I looked over and saw that Pete’s encounter was almost over too. He raised a clenched fist to me in excitement and I answered back in kind. Then we surfaced together to express how fantastic that was and kiss once again. It was as if the whale knew that we were just curious and meant him no harm. So he left us unharmed.

Pete turned to face me before we climaxed together; our eyes met. A few more powerful thrusts by him and we both came loud and explosively. Then we just held each other. Pete said “Susie, I love you.” And I said “I love you too Pete.”

We swam back to the boat together. What a great experience we had shared! Once on board, we snuggled with a large towel and talked about the whale shark with the dive masters and how cool it was to see one in real life. What would we do to top this? We smiled. We would have to think of something.

Photo credits: Men are from Brawny Stud (link in side bar)

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