Monday, March 24, 2008

2008 Grabby Nominations

Grabby hosts Chi Chi la Rue, Honey West, Jake Deckard, Dean Flynn, Trevor Knight

Recently the Grabbys 2008 Erotic Video Awards nominations were announced and Hot House garnered an unprecedented 26 nods for its unparalleled efforts in the gay adult entertainment industry. It is about time these extraordinary efforts were recognized. Here are the nominations along with relevant photos (all courtesy of Roids N Rants, many enlarge) to remind you of just how special this work was and the stars are.

Best Video: Verboten 1-2
Best All-Sex Video: Communion

Francesco discovers that he likes cum facials

Best All-Sex Video: Verboten 1-2
Best Comedy Video: Private Lowlife

Best Fetish Video: Jockstrap

Remember the gold jockstrap?

Best Fetish Video: Verboten 1-2
Best Fetish Extreme Video: Knuckle Sandwich
Best Fetish Extreme Video: Slam Dunk
Best Leather Video: Communion
Best Leather Video: Verboten 1-2
Best Cum Scene: Communion (with Jason Ridge)

Francesco and Jason were so tender together.

Best Cum Scene: Verboten 2 (with Francesco D’Macho & Romario Faria)

Francesco caged like a dog sucks dick through the bars; then he ended up looking like a "glazed donut".

Best Rimming Scene: Jockstrap (with Alex Collack, CJ Knight, & Tyler Saint)

Best Rimming Scene: Private Lowlife (with Arpad Miklos, Francesco D’Macho,
& Ken Browning)

Arpad's perfect erection, straight and tall!

Best Solo Sex Scene: Mike Roberts in Jockstrap

Image courtesy of Hot House

Best Duo Sex Scene: Jockstrap (with Tyler Riggz & Vinnie D’Angelo)

Vinnie takes it like a man; his first time!

Best Three-Way Sex Scene: Communion (with Matt Cole, Steve Cruz, & Vinnie
Best Performers: Francesco D’Macho & Vinnie D’Angelo
Best Newcomers: CJ Knight
Best Versatile Performer: Alex Collack & Francesco D’Macho
Hottest Bottom: CJ Knight
Best Art Direction: Verboten 1-2
Best Director: Steven Scarborough for Verboten 1-2
Best Videography: Richard Board for Communion

The Grabbys will be held on Saturday, May 24th, in Chicago during International Mister Leather. Let us hope that the Hot House guys rake in the well deserved awards!


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Yvespaul said...

I'm sure we'll all wish Francesco tremendous luck.

thonnibg said...

I hope my guys`ll have luck this time!Cuz they deserve those awards!!!

Sh@ney said...

WOW....You know it is no suprise Francesco takes the prize in so many ways, because there are so many amazing ways to him...
I had to settle myself reading this post I got a wee bit *blush*