Thursday, March 13, 2008

Damien Crosse Signs with Raging Stallion Studios

Damien Crosse signed a long term exculsive modeling contract with Raging Stallion Studios recently and completed shooting his first film, Hotter Than Hell with Steve Cruz earlier this week. The film will come out this July. According to his blog he is also scheduled for a major scene with RSS superstar Roman Ragazzi, will be one of the lead performers in a Chris Ward Arabian blockbuster scheduled for shooting in July, and in a major cowboy drama scheduled for shooting in New Mexico in August.

Also from his blog:

"I am really thrilled to be working at Raging Stallion," said Crosse. "I really enjoyed working with the guys at my previous studio--they were great people and we made some excellent films together--but after two years there I just wanted to try to do something new and different. Raging Stallion is the company that shoots some of my favorite porn, so it was an easy choice."

Company president Chris Ward was enthusiastic about his new exclusive. "Damien is Grade A Gay Male--pretty much as hot as they get. He is also a wonderful man. I was blown away when he approached us about working for my studio. He has had a great career so far, and I will work hard to make sure he continues on an onward and upward trajectory. Guys like Damien come around only once in a while, so having him as part of our stable of stars is a real inspiration to help all of us make the best movies possible!"

Join me in wishing Damien best of luck in his new venture!


thonnibg said...

I`m happy for Damien,if that is what he really wants!I don`t doubt he will have a big success with RSS.
It is interesting how almost all actors change their studios every two years or something.Only Erik Rhodes and Matthew Rush don`t do it.
He made amazing movies with Titan but I think he was not too much appreciated.I mean regarding all the awards.But I hope this`ll change with RSS.Just look how many awards they have won at this year`s GayVN.

Jessica said...

Congrats to Damien for signing with RSS. I fully expect the his time with RSS to be very successful.

G Cracker said...

Though I'm still a little sad he was in Providence when I couldn't be!