Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gregory Capra: Fitness Trainer

If you are lucky enough to live in France, where gays can marry legally, you will also be lucky enough to hire this gorgeous trainer, Gregory Capra. Monsieur Capra recently sent me an email asking me to advertise his services, and since I can never resist the request of a handsome young man, here goes.

Here is his own bio in English:

As a boy, Gregory practiced various sports during his school years, and also while taking his 3 years' degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science and Technology (STAPS) : soccer, athletics, motocross, judo, sailing, rock-climbing and so on.

For the last three years or so, he has entirely dedicated his time to workout and race with an aesthetic end in mind, but also in order to build up a healthy, strong and robust body, reaching at the same time an amazing psychological well-being.

Not only a sporty and energetic man, Greg is dedicated to everything he undertakes, therefore highly motivated and determined ! He is also a true perfectionist who will help his clients to perform their different tasks and exercises so that their results would be the best possible.

As an open-minded man, Greg can easily adjust to different personalities , sport levels and profiles.

And a video of him at work:


thonnibg said...

Monsieur Capra est tres beaux!!!


Sue said...

Oui, je sais!

motocross said...


Sh@ney said...

Hmmm is there anyone left now that doesn't highlight the ever gorgoeus
He was all over my old blog but I am resisiting the urge this time round in favour of those not seeking monetary gain. With the exclusion of underwear of course, because we gay men love our jocks in and out of em...*giggles*
But Greg is a charming spunk thats for sure...YUM!