Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 5, Devil Down Under

The next morning Mr. Butterfly was awakened by Donnie shaking his shoulder gently and saying “Mr. Butterfly, wake up. You were having a bad dream.” But when Mr. Butterfly opened his eyes and saw Donnie’s naked shoulders next to his bed, he freaked out thinking his dreams had come true.

“Oh! Donnie! What? Er, what’s happening?”

“You were having a bad dream. It’s okay now.”

“You’re not wearing anything!”

“I’m wearing my shorts.”, said Donnie. “But I just got up myself.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice.”, said Mr. Butterfly, stretching to see low enough. “I’m up now.”

“Look at your bed! It’s a mess. Did you sleep at all last night?”

“No. I had terrible dreams and I had a night sweat. I had to change my sheets in the middle of the night. I hope I’m not coming down with something.”

“Me too. I could catch it. I mean, it would be terrible for you. But you know what I mean.” Then he smiled that infectious Donnie smile and Mr. Butterfly melted to have such a handsome man half naked next to his bed.

Mr. Butterfly offered “Let’s get up and get ourselves some breakfast so we are ready for Nicholas when he arrives.”

“Great plan!”

So they both got up and got ready. They went to the eat-in-kitchen and there were two coffee mugs at a little guest table set with a beautiful floral print table cloth in front of a sunny window looking out on the garden just for them. After a fortifying and tasty breakfast of eggs, bacon and scones, they were ready for anything. Dr. Throckmorton showed up on time and off they all went to Pauline Toner Butterfly Reserve.

There was a huge sweet bursaria and it was covered with butterflies:

But they looked high and low and did not see any Eltham Copper Butterflies. Oh well, you can’t win them all. So they left having not seen what they came for.

They stopped for a quick lunch of fish and chips. Donnie and Mr. Butterfly exchanged glances; this fish and chips thing was getting tired. Didn’t Throckmorton ever eat anything else? By now it was a joke. They decided to go with it and see if he ever offered to go anywhere else to eat.

After lunch they went to the Diosma/Eucalyptus Road Reserve where the Eltham Copper Butterfly was first rediscovered in Eltham by an Eltham Senior High School student in 1987. To commemorate this, there were going to be met by some star science students from the Eltham Senior High School.

When they got there, it was a building lot, surrounded by housing on all sides. The lot itself was planted with sweet bursaria, other flowering shrubs and other meadow type plants. Butterflies were everywhere. About a half a dozen students were also there, mostly male. Introductions were made by the science teacher; some of the students were even cute in a twinkish sort of way with brown or dirty blond hair and the cute features of youth. They were at that stage of development where they had no chest hair yet and their body’s musculature were still those of a waif with promises of the man within. Still there was something very attractive about that to Mr. Butterfly. They would probably have hair on their legs too. Yum that would be hot. I wonder what their pubic hair would be like. Maybe it would be all sparse, downy and soft. But, Mr. Butterfly tried not to think about them that way, since they had to be underage and those thoughts were just so wrong. He punished himself mentally for thinking them. Bad thoughts Mr. Butterfly! Bad!

With the students help, they located several Eltham Copper Butterflies:

Before the sun went down, the Entomologists had to go to the Eltham Junior High School to see the planting of another garden designed to attract Eltham Copper Butterflies. Nicholas drove them the few miles there. The kids were spirited and dedicated to the town’s namesake butterfly. Everyone wanted one in their backyard.

It was dinner time. Where would Nicholas take them? You guessed it. He took them for fish and chips. Well, Donnie and Mr. Butterfly decided to wait and see what would happen when they left Eltham tomorrow. Would Nicholas go for fish and chips in another town? After that they went to a pub known for its some lagers on tap and talked about butterflies they have known. It was really very boring I assure you.

That night, Mr. Butterfly dreamed:

The young explorer was asked to wait for Donnie and Nicholas in a basement. They came by some moments later in black leather combat boots and assless chaps leading one of the high school twinks who was completely naked! What a sight! The twink was on a fixed rod leash so that Nicolas could jerk him cruelly, which he did for no reason, and his ankles were chained together by a boot contraption.

“Hey Mr. Butterfly, meet our dog for the evening! Bark for the man dog!” Then Donnie gave him a swift kick in the ribs while Nicholas forced his face against the wall of the basement.

“Unfark”, cried the boy as he hit the wall and the floor simultaneously.

The young explorer wanted to say something like let him go, but he was frozen in place and could not move or speak, as can happen in dreams. He could only watch helplessly as his dream unfolded before him.

Nicholas and Donnie went on to torture the boy. Nicholas made him stand and bend over while Donnie paddled him with a cricket paddle until his butt was bright red. “Now he is ready to fuck!”

Nicholas pulled over a bench that seemed made for the task and they put the boy on it. His feet were separated and tied down apart from each other. His hands were tied down on the other side of the bench. Nicholas donned a codom and lube and just couldn’t wait to fuck this tight virgin hole with his huge erect cock. Donnie was ready to shove his erection into the boy’s mouth to quiet his inevitable screams.

Mr. Butterfly had to stop this now. He tried so hard to scream, to yell to say anything. But he could not stop what was about to happen.

Donnie shoved his cock into the boy’s mouth and Nicholas pushed his cock into the boy’s anus. The twink squirmed as much as he could against his tie downs, but to no avail. He tried to scream, but only managed to spit out Donnie’s cock for a moment and then Donnie shoved it back in. Throckmorton already had several inches of cock into the boy. It was painful for the young explorer to watch. After fifteen minutes of this struggling on the part of the twink and whimpering and trying to scream, Nicholas was all the way in and beginning to fuck the boy. The boy just lay there, defeated and taking it.

“I bet that feel really good now, doesn’t it boy?”, said Nicholas. “Bet you’ll never have one this big shoved up your hole in your entire life again!” The boy just moaned in response.

Meanwhile, Donnie was giving him a good skull fucking. Donnie called to the young explorer “Hey, come join us, you are missing quite a party!”

Mr. Butterfly was so repulsed by this suggestion, that he woke up instantly and found himself in a cold sweat. He looked at his watch and it was 3:00 in the morning. It was just like last night, but worse because there was a twink and BDSM involved. Two kinks he really wasn’t into. He reluctantly got up and changed the sheets again. Then he went back to bed. Why was he having these terrible dreams? He had never had dreams like this in his life. It must be something here in Australia causing it or he was sick. Maybe he should stay away from fish and chips? One thing was for sure, he could never tell Donnie about the content of these dreams. It was just too embarrassing for words.

Photo credits:
Cesto de Gatos
So Slowly
Twink on rod leash:
Bill in Exile
Twink being paddled:


thonnibg said...

I love Mr.Butterfly`s dream!

Doug said...

Unfark! My new favorite word.

G Cracker said...

I'm gonna say unfark all the time.

Those dreams are fairly disturbing, how do you think of these things?? :P

Did I mention that Donny is really pretty? Get me one for my birthday this year, mkay?

Anonymous said...

I bet those kids parents are thrilled you put their photos on what is essentially a gay porn blog.

You've been doing this long enough to know better you bloody idiot.

Anonymous said...

really an eye opener for me.

- Robson