Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 7, Devil Down Under

The next morning, Mr. Butterfly was a wreck. But he went down with Donnie for a fortifying breakfast of pancakes at the lovely eat-in kitchen. Then Donnie, Nicholas and Mr. Butterfly set off for the short one hour drive to Castlemaine, south of Bendigo. There they planned to make a quick check of some rural environments for Eltham Coppers and note their findings.

(Enlarge map)

From there, it was only a three hour drive to the Kiata-Salisbury area west of Dimboola where they took humble lodging for the night. Mr. Butterfly had the same dream that night too; you know the “unfark” one, even though he took care to eat a hamburger for dinner instead of fish and chips. He just could not figure out what was going on with him.

The next day, the three of them had breakfast together and then headed out for the Salisbury Bushland Reserve 9 km east of Nhill on the Western Highway. Finding it, they got out of their vehicle to explore the 12.6 hectare area which is mainly black box woodland and open grassland. They made their way to the southern end of the reserve where sweet busaria was noted to be growing.

They saw many other butterflies on their way there.

Once there they were rewarded with seeing multitudes of Eltham Copper butterflies swirling around in the sunshine.

This colony was certainly healthy. They also noted some endangered Golden Sun moths.

Mr. Butterfly was startled by a large harmless looking snake in the brush where he was standing and asked Donnie to come over and identify it. Donnie had to laugh when he saw Mr. Butterfly’s “harmless” snake. “That Mr. Butterfly is a Brown Snake. One bite from that and you are dead. Please do stay away from it. More people in Australia are killed by this snake’s bite than any other.” Nicholas chuckled at Mr. Butterfly’s Aussie naïveté.

Mr. Butterfly carefully moved away from the snake thinking “I’ll just leave you in peace, Mr. Snake if you will do the same for me.”

They had a humble dinner and it was back to the motel. Not much night life goes on out in Kiata-Salibury, so they stayed in at their hotel. Mr. Butterfly looked at his bed like the enemy now. He stayed up reading as long as he could, but sleep overtook him at some point. Then he began to dream.

Twinks. Twinks were everywhere being sexually tortured in this horrible dungeon like place. Tied up, hands bound, feet bound, mouths gagged, arms tied aloft on crosses, or held in chocks with the head, tied to chairs, tied and pushed onto dirty floors, no matter what the bondage position, they were all awaiting abuse of any kind. And Donnie and Nicholas where there to mete it out. They had gleeful sneers on their faces.

“Now this is a party! Come young explorer! Join us now! You cannot possibly resist this plenty!”, called Donnie. Without hesitation they went to the task at hand. Donnie flogged the boy on the cross until he whimpered for mercy, then he proceeded to fuck him ruthlessly.

Nicholas flogged the boy in the chocks and the young man looked at him with terror in his eyes. “Mate, your not going to put that thing into my bum, are you?” he said, meaning Throckmorton’s huge uncut python sized cock. Nicholas flogged him again and replied “It is ‘Sir’ to you boy!”

Donnie said “Just stuff a ball gag in his mouth and get the whining over with!”

Throckmorton laughed as he said “I like them to beg. Now lad, you are going to love for me to shove every inch of my cock up your bum. It will be the best experience of your life. You will tell all your best mates about it.” Then he cackled with glee. He flogged the lad a bit more and then began to shove his enormous cock into the lad’s asshole. The boy screamed out in pain and then seemed to lose consciousness as he sagged in the chocks. But, Throckmorton continued to fuck him any how. Every now and then the lad would rouse to awareness and whimper. An aura of fear filled the room from the other twinks as they watched Throckmorton screw their peer mercilessly and preferred Donnie as their abuser.

But no such luck, as Donnie and Nicholas went around the room taking turns abusing the twinks and calling for the young explorer to join in on their fun. The twinks were helpless as they were bound very securely. Mr. Butterfly was frozen and could not move to help the twinks either. He just watched in helpless horror as the semen shower continued slowly and methodically around the dungeon. Surely they would run out of semen or sexual stamina sometime soon? But no, this was a dream and both were in plentiful supply.

Then the dream sped up and it seemed that Nicholas and Donnie were everywhere at once, like a grotesque blur. Abusing this one here and that one there, until the young explorer felt that he would be overcome with horror. He felt faint. But he had to focus to witness for these twinks. Didn’t he? Suddenly his head began to spin and he felt he was falling, falling, falling. He dropped, dropped, dropped, and thunk, his head fell right onto his pillow.

And he woke up. He had sweated through his sheets, was shaking and cold again and it was 3:00 am. This was getting tired. He got up and changed his bed linens. Fuck. This just sucked. This dream was the worst. He hadn’t had a solid night’s sleep since he reached Australia. It was impacting his health. What was he going to do? Should he see a physician? The nature of the dreams was so strange and upsetting that he didn’t want to admit to having them. Was he losing his mind? Mr. Butterfly was really worried now. He needed to confide in someone. Where was Sue when he needed her? He could use talking to her right now. She would know what to do.

Maybe he would see a physician in Sydney. That is where they were going tomorrow. If he was still having the dreams then, he would schedule an appointment with someone there. He felt better having made a decision. Tomorrow was tomorrow. He went back to sleep feeling somewhat relieved.

Twink photo credits:
  • Caballero
  • Roids N Rants
  • GlovedCopSF
  • So Slowly
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thonnibg said...

I`m ashamed.My dreams look pretty much alike Mr.Butterfly` one:)))

Sue said...

Really Toni?

thonnibg said...

Yeah,but with Men,big sweaty,smelly,hairy,tattooed,mucsled studs:)Not twinks!

peter said...

This is not the stuff dreams are made from?

Luckely I never have dreams like this...

Sh@ney said...

Hmmm I may be a little behind in the story, but this dungeon kinda sounds like fun...Especially seeing so many hunks tied up and awaiting there Masters Call!...tehehe hiccup...giggle!

Ken Calvert said...

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