Monday, March 03, 2008

Junior Year - Part 1, Billy Joel Concert

Now that all of you have finished reading Bookfield, my fictionalized (names changed to protect the innocent) autobiographical telling of the time that I sold bible related books door-to-door in Athens, Georgia, we are ready to move on to my return to college in my Junior year. The tale begins below.

I had packed all of my winter stuff in my green duffle bag and got back on the Greyhound bus to Cayuga College. I sure was glad to leave my mom behind. I was staying on the tenth floor of the twin towers dorm in a six person suite with my new roommate, a tall thin back stroker named Mary, plus Jan and Amy from last year and two other girls that I did not know.

When I got back it didn’t take long for Sam, the freshman guy I met on the bus on the way home, to get in touch with me. He called up and asked me out to a Billy Joel concert. Of course I said “Yes!” Who didn’t love Billy Joel?

The concert was in a town about an hour away, but Sam drove his 1972 2-door Audi Super 90 which was Hunter Green with a tan buckskin leather interior. The car was a classic.

He brought his home town high school buddies Ian and Tony. Ian was a very light blond and looked sort of Scandinavian and Tony was really short and looked exactly like a miniature bodybuilder at 5 foot 5 inches. His body was well muscled and perfectly proportioned but tinier all over. He would have been a god if only he were taller. He made the esteemed Cayuga Varsity Gymnastics Team as a freshman and that was no small feat. These two were part of Sam’s posse and followed him everywhere.

On the way to the concert we stopped at a MacDonald’s and when asked what I wanted I ordered what I was accustomed to getting in Athens, five hamburgers. Sam’s eyes widened and he stared at me. Suddenly I realized that it was not normal for a petite coed to order five hamburgers. So, I quickly lowered the order to three. I would just get by on three.

Sam said “I was wondering where you were going to put those five hamburgers.” He looked up and down at my trim figure.

I smiled innocently and said sweetly “A girl has to eat. That was how I was eating when I was riding 40 miles a day in Athens on my bike to sell books door-to-door.”, in my best Southern accent. He melted. Men could not resist the accent. I think he kissed me for the first time then.

We had great seats at the concert; they were on the floor not far from Billy Joel. I felt like he was just about in my lap, when in reality he was maybe 40 or 50 feet away. He was so young, energetic and vital and the way they staged it, his whole band was in darkness and the piano was lit in the foreground so you could only see him playing it. When he played fast songs on the piano, like the prelude to The Angry Young Man, his hands blurred because they were moving so fast. What a thrill I had being there! What a super concert!

On the way home, Ian decided to spark up a doobie and share it with Tony. They offered to pass it to me, but I deferred. Sam refused because he was driving. Next thing we know, we got cops behind us. We opened all the windows to air out the car and Ian stomped out the roach on the floor. He had a small baggie of weed between his legs that he was ready to toss out the window at a moments notice. Sam pulled over and we waited for the nice officer to come and tell us what the problem was.

While he was on his way over, Sam glanced in his rear view mirror and saw the second officer creeping up the passenger side of the car. He quickly said “Ian don’t.” Ian froze and did not throw the bag out the window where it would have landed at the officer’s feet or at least flown right by him. The other officer came to the window and said “License and registration please.” Sam already had these out and provided them to the officer. “Where are you going this late at night Sam?”

“We are going back to college after a concert Sir.”, replied Sam clearly and respectfully.

After a short period of inspecting Sam’s records with the help of his flashlight he said “Well, watch your speed Sam and drive carefully. Go on now.”

We drove away as quickly as the law allowed. We rolled up our windows and Ian and Tony regaled me with stories of great police getaways that Sam had under his belt and how great he was talking to the police. Apparently he had talked his way out of a great many tickets.

We got back to campus in one piece. Ian, Tony and Sam we scattered all over the campus as far as dorms, none of them managing to become roommates, which wasn’t allowed for freshmen. Sam and I went back to his dorm room. Sam’s roommate was quite a dweeb I must admit. He really did nothing more than take up space. He breathed through his mouth, he was thick headed, he had a constant hard-on up to his nose, and I could find nothing about him that was redeeming. He had promised to sleep elsewhere this evening however and that was a good thing since Sam and I planned to have sex. It was the seventies after all.

Sam was a virgin, but I sure couldn’t tell. It was as if he was made just for me size wise and he seemed to know just how to move to please me as well. We were perfectly sexually compatible and he had me screaming with each orgasm that night. Actually, he earned the nickname “Stud”, after that one particular evening with me since I could be heard up and down the hall. He didn’t mind that much too at all. After that we had sex at least twice a day; morning and evening. Sometimes we did it right in front of his loser roommate, though not with him watching.

He and his buddies also smoked a lot of weed. I tried his pot, but it didn’t get me off the way Evan’s did in Georgia. Sam and his pals nicknamed me the “waste”, as in they didn’t want to waste any of their weed on me. That was fine with me. Ah, what a semester that was: party, party, party.

Here are some videos of tunes Billy played at the concert back in 1976:


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Doug said...

I love those early Billy Joel albums. The Stranger was the first album I ever bought with my own money. The Piano Man album is fantastic too (love that cover image).