Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sophomore Year - Part 6, Christmas through Valentine's Day

I went home for Christmas break and was glad to see my mom back to her old piss and vinegar self again after her surgery. My brother Verne was still there. My sister Evie flew in from Notre Dame with her boyfriend Matthew whom I met when I went there last January. Mom was on her very best behavior since we had an out of town guest in the house that she had to impress, for he was a KEEPER. Read: potential son-in-law material.


Matthew was and still is my mom’s favorite all time boyfriend of both Evie and mine. He was and is the end all and be all of boyfriends. He was and is perfect in all aspects. In her mind, Evie should have just married him and be done with it. Of course, Evie didn’t. We all failed miserably to measure up to near what my mom ever wanted us to be. Anyhow, back to why Matthew was so perfect. He was tall, 6 feet, two inches, with blue eyes, brown hair, and very genuine and direct. Oh and he was very smart, sexy and adorable. What was not to love?

Most importantly though, they shared with me what their summer was like working for Parchment Publishing last summer in North Carolina. Matthew was Evie’s manager while they both sold Bible books door-to-door. They had a blast, but it was hard work. The best thing was that it was away from home and mom. This year, Evie would manage me. It sounded wonderful to me, so I signed up for it as I had no prospects for the coming summer. I would receive a contract to sign and some Dale Carnegie books to read during this semester and I would look forward to getting those.

Mom managed to control herself and with Matthew around the holidays were relatively peaceful for a change. I wondered if he could visit during all of our holidays.

As the beginning of the second half of my sophomore semester neared, I made a pact that I would move through the independent study portion of organic chemistry as quickly as I could and then take the final right away and ace it. I would do this for two reasons, 1) so that I could get the A, and 2) so that I could focus on my other courses with the remaining time. I had complete confidence that I could do this because Dr. Silver told me I could. That was my plan.

I returned to Cayuga to my lovely suitemates and began my new classes. I began taking organic chemistry quizzes like there was no tomorrow. The material was so easy for me. It seemed as if all I had to do was read it once and I knew it. By Valentine’s Day I was halfway through the course and leading the class as far as progress by leaps and bounds. At this pace, I could be finished my mid March. But, on Valentine’s Day, there was a big showy card in my mail box. Who could have sent me this huge, romantic card with a big pinkish-red rose on it? I open the card and it is from Zach! My bodybuilder! It said that he missed me! He wanted me to call him! How sweet was that? I was so excited that I ran to the telephone in our suite to call him.

“Hello, this is Zach.”

“Hi Zach! It’s Sue! I got your Valentine’s Day card! I miss you too!”, I said with breathless excitement.

So it turned out that he got really sick with tonsillitis right after we got together too, then all kinds of shit happened in his life too, and then finals, then his holidays at home in Florida and here we are now ready to get back together again. He never forgot me! He said he really thought about me lots and couldn’t wait to come and visit me in Cayuga! I was so stoked to see him here. We made arrangements for him to visit me the following weekend. I just couldn’t wait to see him again.


Georg said...

Matthew looks a lot like a young Christopher Reeve

Sue said...

Good eye Georg! That is Christopher Reeve in 1977. Matthew looked quite a bit like him. Lucky Matthew, poor Christopher Reeve (RIP).