Sunday, July 22, 2007

Welcome to Bill in Exile

Very recently Fair View enjoyed linking with a new and exciting blog called Bill in Exile. The blog is written by Scott, who is an ex-Marine currently living in Seattle, to entertain his friend of 20 years, Bill while he is incarcerated in a Federal penitentiary for selling methamphetamine. Bill will be there until 2010. Occasionally, letters from Bill are featured on the blog.

What I love about Bill in Exile is that it is politically feisty and irreverent and ventures where I dare not on Fair View. If you want to know where I stand on our lovely government and the conflagration in Mesopotamia just check out his blog. Semper fi Scott!

Bill used to be a semi-famous artist in New York City and was represented by Debs and Co. His works have been shown and reviewed favorably by the New York Times and Art Forum Magazine. This piece is called "Untitled (Blue)" and was completed in 1995. It is 36 by 48 inches and done in mixed media. You can read more about it here.

My favorite post was when Scott wanted to buy this boat:

But the guy who was selling said that he would "have to start peddling his ass." So Scott thought he would get way more money selling his 26 year old, 6 foot, 5 inch, 225 pound, ex-Marine boyfriend Jake's ass. This is Jake:

I kindly offered to run advertisements on my blog, but have not heard anything yet.

Scott also writes about porn and porn stars, as one of his ex-boyfriends works in that industry now. There is also some eye candy, such as the afternoon boy, which of course I never look at because it is too dirty for me. Here is an example:

See what I mean. That is just awful. Filthy! Scott! You should be ashamed of yourself. Corrupting the mind of a 50 year old woman like me. Oh shit! I had to look to do that! Damn you Scott!

So do give his blog a visit.


Jessica said...

It was Rich who told him to 'peddle his ass,' not the seller.

But, yeah, Scott's blog is great.

Peter said...

OMG Sue, you're cursing!

You can tell me, it stays between us, you loved every minute of looking at those guys.

And the underwear looks familiar too

Sue said...

Oh Peter, you know me too well. But promise not to tell anybody else, okay? ;)

scott said...

Thanks for the great profile Sue. And for the record I am ashamed of myself, deeply, deeply ashamed and I'm pretty sure I need to be disciplined. Don't you?

Sue said...

Absolutely. But I am not so good with that. I leave that up to my friend Jessica. She will want to know if she can leave marks. Can she?

Jessica said...

Ooooooooooooooh, CAN I!?

Sh@ney said...

Hmmm naughty Bill for selling bad stuff too, bad people...But we all know my position on the subject, so it had to be said...:P
Great find Sue...I like it!

Sue said...

Bill is paying the price to society for his naughtiness. Glad you like the site!