Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sophomore Year - Part 7, Ornithology and Zach

The other course I was taking that I really loved was ornithology, the study of birds. Dr. Fågelson, an older man in his early sixties, was our professor and I really liked him. We had lecture classes and for our labs we went birding with him in his Volkswagen bus.

I really loved the birding part of the class. He was an expert birder. We all bought Roger Tory Petersen Field Guide to Eastern Birds in addition to our ornithology text book. We were provided with binoculars and brought the guide books and binoculars with us on our field trips. We were required to keep life lists of all the birds we saw beginning with those we saw on our class trips. I was so excited! This opened a whole new world for me.

We departed really early in the morning, before the sun was even up. Dr. Fågelson would drive like a madman with his window open listening for birds. Meanwhile, it was bitterly cold and the frozen air was coming into the van. But he would see a bird on a wire and screech the van to a halt, or hear a bird call and veer off dangerously off the road and set off out the door at a run, expecting us all to follow, or miss out on the sighting. If you missed out, you would miss out on seeing something that might be tested later. But most importantly to me, you missed out on a life experience, on seeing something you had never seen before, and might never see again. Didn’t everyone see how precious this man was? How inspiring he was? What a genius he was? How could they not? I just wanted to be inspired by him. But, not everyone saw him as I did. I got to run after him to see the woodcock, the wood thrush, the rufus sided towhee, the kingbird, the ruby crowned kinglet, the indigo bunting, the meadow lark, the killdeer, the snow geese, the blue bird, the cedar waxwing and so many more.

I sat right behind him in the van, questioning him about the birds we might see. One day we were talking about large predatory birds. I asked him what kinds of those birds we could expect in our area. His answer was “Well, we do see some kestrels and lots of red tail hawks. Rarely you will see an eagle. But, hey, wait! There is one right now!!! Pull over! Stop the van!”

We screeched to a halt and off he ran across the frozen corn field with me following at his heels. He jumped over the mounded rows that were frozen solid, and hard as rocks. I looked up and saw a huge bird sunning its wings high up in a tree in the first rays of morning light. Bur Dr. Fågelson still wasn’t close as he wanted to be. He ran down a little gully while looking up through his binoculars and fell headlong into a small partly frozen stream. Unfazed, he got up and kept running up the other side of the gully. He assembled the class on the other side in a corn field. We all had a really great view of the golden eagle there.

He told us how rare a sighting this eagle was in this area. Then he talked about what the eagle eats and how it lives and so forth. I just listened and stared at the eagle though my binoculars. I was amazed. It was a day I will never forget. God, I loved that class. I would have aced it, but a big part of the final was memorizing bird calls. To me, all ducks and sparrows sound alike. So, I only got a B. Oh well. So it goes.

At the end of that week of seeing the eagle, Zach came to Cayuga to visit me. I couldn’t wait to show him off to my suitemates. They were duly impressed. We hugged each other good and hard and I took the time to really feel all those muscles I had missed so much. We kissed in our suite lobby and as he forced his tongue into my mouth, my knees gave out and he lifted me into his arms and carried me into my room. He kicked the door shut after us. I could see my suite mates happy faces as we left; they were probably thinking it was so romantic and it was. He gently laid me on the bed and proceeded to undress me.

Oh god I wanted him to fuck me so bad. I helped him with my buttons and zippers, and his and in no time we were naked. He was making those grumbling growling noises as he kissed my body and sucked on my breasts that he mounded with his hands. I writhed on the bed with expectation. Quickly he donned a condom and we began to make love. He lifted my hips clear off the bed again and I just never could get enough of that feeling. He was so fucking strong to be able to lift me while fucking me. It was such a turn on. I felt like I was totally under his power; it was so easy for him to do. It was as if I weighed nothing. Then of course I had a great view of his meaty chest during sex, which was totally hot, plus seeing his handsome face as he pounded his cock into me until he shot his load. God, sex with him was wonderful.

Afterwards, I had time to really look at his body. He was beautiful everywhere. Since he was from Florida, and had just returned from Winter break there, he had a perpetual tan. He had great thighs. They had just the right amount of muscle, nice and thick with a bit of light brown fur. His calves were good and solid too. But nobody that went to Cornell had bad calves. (That is an inside joke – there are so many gorges in Ithaca that it is said that the coeds have over muscled calves.) He had the widest shoulders. That was my favorite part of him. From them hung his marvelous pectoral muscles that I used to lie across. He was absolutely perfect in my eyes and I wanted him to stay just where he was forever. I entertained thoughts of tying him to my bed. But I rarely saw him asleep. When he was awake he was always ravaging me with his animalistic grumbling growling noises or we were going out someplace to have a good time.

We continued to see each other through the spring. Zach became my bodybuilder boyfriend and I was thrilled.

Photo credits Zach: Unnatural Devotions


Sh@ney said...

Wow Sue that almost sounds like a WET DREAM...You have a great way of capturing a moment in a spicy, tell all way!...Very enriching - well for my non existant sex life...lol

Sue said...

He was a wet dream. Just remember, our relationship was not exclusive. I never held any hope that he could be all mine. But he WAS lots of fun...