Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Art of Rob Bartell - Brandon is Framed!

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It is confession time. I confess that I treated myself to the irresistible Brandon by Rob Bartell. I just got him back from the framers and look at how beautiful he is now! Of course I went with a bamboo frame to stay in keeping with his Hawaiian theme. He is just going to look great on the wall over my bed in my Asia room. Here are some other things that are in my room:

Tibetan tiger rugs. I have one hanging on the opposite wall from where Brandon will be. Tigers are the Tibetan symbol for power and protection. I need lots of that. I have three Tibetan tiger rugs in different styles.

Lord Shiva dances next to my small Ganesh on a side altar in my room that is actually a glass bookcase with my Asian book collection, Chinese clay yixing tea pots, and my maharajah silk bedspread.

Next to that I have a narrow, highboy dresser that is made out of mahogany inlaid with mother of pearl and across from that is a trunk made of the same materials (see photo above) that were made in Indonesia. I am just in awe of these pieces and it is just like a dream come true to own them.

I also have a hand carved teak chair and ottoman from Indonesia.

The room is painted "coconut milk", the doors are "bamboo" and the room has "antique gold" trim around the doors and windows. The rugs are all Tibetan. I have a large central rug that depicts Lord Yama, the Tibetan Lord of Death, holding the wheel of life (see below). My carpet is colorful, but more simplified than this picture and the wheel is squared off. It was custom made for others who ended up not buying it. The rug ties my room together.

I have bamboo blinds on the windows and a purple heart wood altar that I made myself and my Buddha and incense burner sit upon.

The photo above shows purple heart wood sitting in a mill. The second I laid eyes on the color I just had to have a scrap. I found one that was really thick and wide and screamed "I am an altar!" I finished it with a clear lacquer. The tiger rug that hangs above it has a mauve flower on it that brings out the purple just perfectly. The frame around the Yama rug is the same color.

My Buddha is hand carved in mahogany and about 50 years old. It stands 19 inches (48.3 cm) tall and was carved in Tibet. My Buddha's hands are in the teaching mudra because I have a lot to learn. The one above is in the ground touching mudra. The room is lit by two Moroccan lamps.

Brandon fits right in. I am going to enjoy seeing him as the last thing before I sleep at night and the first thing when I wake.

In my opinion, every adult woman should have her own room where she can do what ever she likes especially if she is married. Don't you agree?


Doug said...

Sounds like a very cool room, and Brandon looks great in his frame.

SYNRGY said...

Sigh... Go ahead... ;)

I left a comment at my place as well...

Sue said...

Doug - it is, and thanks!

Syn - left a comment on your blog too.

Shaney said...

Wow...that is really amazing Sue...It would be so great to see all these fine pieces you have collected, but in their place. Oh did I just invite myself to your Don't fear I am far away and it is unlikely I would turn up on your door step begging for a grande tour...*winks*
But you do have some beautiful treasures!
The Framed picture loooks great & yes a woman should have her own room, a man has his work shed after all.

Sue said...

Shaney boy, you are welcome any time!

Rob Bartell said...

Wow Sue, they did a great job framing him -- what an honor to have him surrounded by such an amazing collection! Really beautiful and fascinating pieces...

Sue said...

Yeah, when my husband saw him framed he wanted to put him in our hallway. I put my foot down and said no way! Now he is part of my life every day. :) You did the great job painting him Rob!!!