Monday, July 02, 2007

Sophomore Year - Part 4, Sex with the Bodybuilder

So, the very next weekend, I rode Greyhound to Ithaca and got off the bus at Myron Taylor Hall. It was a short walk to the fraternity where I was going to stay with my brother Verne. It was late afternoon on an atypically warm, Indian summer Friday and I had some time to kill, so I played some pool in the lobby. Verne arrived some time later and we had dinner together in the frat’s dining hall in the basement. Dinner was always delicious at the frat. I guess they just had a great cook.

Finally it was time to dress for the Zach's fraternity’s party. It was a bit more casual than the party last weekend, so I wore corduroys, that my new classy roomies made me buy, and a nice shirt. The frat was on the other side of campus, but I walked there briskly. The building was kind of modern and looked a bit more like a dorm than a fraternity. Zach was waiting for me and met me in the lobby.

He gave me the grand tour of the downstairs and then we went to the main room where the party was. He asked me what my drink was and I said that it was scotch, neat. Which it was.

I will digress and tell you how scotch, neat became my drink. When I was younger (13) and had braces on my teeth, they hurt quite a bit. Mom used to tell us to put some liquor on our gums to numb the pain. So we raided the liquor cabinet and the booze that worked the best was scotch. We only had the Four Roses brand (cough). Eventually, I found that drinking a shot really worked well, even better than rubbing it on your gums. I could drink a shot and not feel anything. So, when I came home from the orthodontist, I would head for the liquor cabinet and pour myself a finger or so of scotch and bottoms up; pain all gone. Well, after a while, I built up a tolerance for it and so I drank more. Let’s just say that I am very lucky not to be an alcoholic right now. Well, eventually mom found out when she had an adult male friend over who wanted a drink, but refused to drink alone. I piped up and said, “I’ll drink with you.” Everybody looked shocked, but I had a drink with him and it saved the day. That was many years ago, and we still talk about it. So as I got older, I used to show off my tolerance for scotch by downing a couple of shots. Of course that was the cheap shit that I was drinking. I had to learn to sip it when I grew up and was served the finer single malts.

Zach brought me a whole bottle of Crown Royal. He brought himself a beer. He poured me a shot and I reflexively downed it. I just wanted to sit back and look at him. He sure was a sight for sore eyes. He was so handsome; brown hair and eyes, kissable lips, lickable body. I just couldn’t wait to get him into the bedroom again. He had poured me another and without thinking I downed it. Fuck, I shouldn’t have done that I thought, but now it was too late. Now I had to be careful. I was only one hundred pounds and there is only so much that I can drink. But he right away poured me another. I just looked at it and smiled at him.

“That’s it for me doing shots for you Zach. This one I will sip, like a normal person.”

“Well, shoot, can’t blame a guy for trying.”

“I don’t think you’re going to have to try all that hard tonight.” Then I winked at him and took a sip of my scotch. We made small talk for about an hour or so while I finished my drink. But then I was really bored with the party and just wanted to go to the bedroom with him and have sex. But how do you say that and not sound like a slut?

“Gee Zach, I feel really woozy, I think I need to lie down.”

“Oh, sure. You can lie down in my room.” Then he helped me up and led me to his room. I did feel a bit woozy, but not as much as I led on. But to my surprise, when we got there, he showed me the bed, and turned on his heel and left! That plan certainly fell flat. So there I was lying down by myself staring at the upper bunk which was occupied. But who was up there?

Some moments later someone else came into the room, a male, from the voice and hopped into the upper bunk. There was much giggling and rhythmic motion going on up there, causing the whole bed to squeak. It would be speculation at best to guess what was going on. Far be it for me to stoop to that level. But when they were done, they spoke in hushed tones.

“Who is that in the lower bunk?”

“Zach’s girl. She’s passed out.”

“Do you think she’d notice if I did her?”

“Zach would find out and be pissed.”

“Fuck! You ruin everything.”

“Shhhh. Go to sleep.”

That was the last I heard from them, so I guess they fell asleep. I guess I did too. Some time later, Zach woke me up. He was already naked and kissing me. He had begun to undress me. I tried to help him but my limbs were being less than responsive and felt like lead. Maybe I had been drunker than I thought. I wanted him so badly. His body was so huge and beautiful to look at; I couldn’t believe we were going to have sex.

But, his penis was not all that big, smaller than Tom’s, so it would be okay. He put the condom on and entered me with a really strong thrust that lifted me right off the bed and banged my head on the sheet rock wall. He said he was sorry and asked if I was okay and I replied that I was. So, he grabbed my waist and lifted me back down on the bed and held my hips stationary in the air as he thrust in and out, so as not to beat me senseless against anything.

Fuck, he was so strong, the size of his cock meant nothing; it was his shear strength of his body beating against my clitoris and lifting me into the air that got me off. Plus that growling, grumbling urgent breathing he had that was such a turn on. He was a complete animal in bed. My only regret is that I was too drunk to respond the way I would have liked. I was so much more passive than I usually am. Oh well, he seemed to enjoy himself and came really quickly. We slept holding each other all night.

I awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and upon seeing Zach, I wanted to have sex again. But he was shy because his roommate was there and could wake up at any moment. It couldn’t be helped I guess. We decided to go out to the green and talk, where we could have a bit of privacy. We got dressed quietly and snuck out. We found a nice sunny spot and lay out on the warming grass. The first thing I did was lean over and kiss him. He kissed me back. He said that he really wanted to see me again and how great the sex was. I said that I loved the sex too. He added though, that he didn’t want our relationship to be exclusive because we lived too far away and wouldn’t be able to get to see each other often enough. I had to agree that this was the problem with Tom and me. I had no evidence, but thought that Tom was cheating on me. (It turned out later that he had – he had a weekday girlfriend, just like Eddie said that he would.) So that is what I told Zach and I agreed to it. I think Zach was a bit surprised and expected a big fight or melt down and that is why we moved outside. We both agreed that we could see other people and were at peace with it. We smiled at each other. I noticed a big hole in his jeans right at mid thigh. I put my fingers in and tickled his lightly hairy, but heavily muscled thigh, reaching upwards towards his groin.

“You women are never satisfied!” Then he grabbed my hands and pushed me down underneath his huge meaty body and kissed me. He wasn’t helping. We both giggled. I wanted him again more than ever. God he was so fucking hot.

Zach photo credits: Unnatural Devotions

Naked Chest photo credit: Completely Naked Images


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lol. great shagilicious story!

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Glad you liked it Chris!