Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 5, Egyptian Escapade

The young explorer was regaining his consciousness slowly and painfully. What a headache he had. Why did his thigh hurt? Why was he naked? Where was he? The world came slowly back into focus. He was in a large curtained room. The curtains were silk in gold and orange hues; very pretty. They fluttered in the breeze. He was lying on some comfy embroidered silk cushions with tassels. He rolled over and there was Roble next to him also naked. Roble was also just beginning to come around. They looked at each other and both had no idea where they were. Then they remembered what had happened. They were at the mud brick house together under mosquito netting; they were attacked, shot with darts and that was why their thighs hurt. But where were they now? Tentatively they reached out to each other and touched finger tips.

Two more naked men came into the room. In monotone unison they said, “Welcome to the harem of Akbar at Bubastis! You will serve the Master’s pleasure without question or suffer painful consequences.”

The young explorer looked at Roble and said, “Oh shit, that can’t be good!”

Roble answered, “No kidding.”

But the two men didn’t respond at all to their quips. It was like they were on drugs. They were on drugs! Their eyes were hollow, empty and their souls were sucked dry. Then the two men left, zombie like, with out reaction.

“At least we know where we are, Bubastis, the city of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. That is not far from Cairo.”, said Roble.

The Egyptian Goddess Bastet

“Uh huh. A harem, for men? That’s weird.”

“For a gay man, you can be so narrow minded, Mr. Butterfly!”

“What will we do to get out of here?”

“Let’s look around and for a way to escape.”

So, they both got up and looked around for a means of escape. They were on the third floor and a jump from a window balcony would be perilous at best. The door was locked. There was no way out of the room. But there was a large bathroom, so they took advantage of that to clean up. Soapy warm water sure felt good on their bodies. There was no clothing to be found anywhere. It was barely the crack of dawn and nobody was up anywhere, so they figured that they had some time to wait. They sure didn’t feel like sleeping since they were captives and their very lives could be in peril. But they were all alone, just the two of them, what were they to do?

Akbar's fortress at Bubastis

“I’m a bit frightened Roble.”

“Me too.”

“Will you hold me?”

So they held each other tight and there was no more talking. Mr. Butterfly noticed the dart wound on Roble’s thigh and bent down to kiss it and make it better. But the lingering kiss brought Roble’s penis to a state of arousal. They smiled at each other and began kissing each other all over as if it were a game. Soon, they both had erections and the kisses got more serious. Roble began licking his way down the young explorer’s body, just like in Mr. Butterfly’s shower fantasy the morning before. His thick lips were on the young explorer’s nipple, then traveled lower down his body to his belly button, where he playfully stuck his tongue in and swirled it around. Then finally he reached Mr. Butterfly’s cock and tenderly swirled his tongue around the head of it and down the shaft towards his testicles. Mr. Butterfly lay back and spread his legs to give Roble full access to his genitalia. After sucking gently and taking his time on each testicle, Roble continued south to put his tongue into the young explorer’s asshole, while the young explorer spread his cheeks with his hands. Both of the men fully forgot their circumstances and were in the moment.

“Oh god, Roble, I want you to fuck me so badly!”

“Do you now?”, said Roble jokingly.


Conveniently, there was a fancy gold dish on the low table filled with condoms and Roble opened one put it on. He pulled Mr. Butterfly closer by the thighs, which the prone man held stiffly in position in the air. Roble loomed over him and then bore down with his hips as they began to make love. It was instant ecstasy for both men as they continued fucking. It took them away from their fear and to another place where they were safe, warm, in love and incredibly turned on. Mr. Butterfly had that full ass satisfied feeling of being on the brink of cumming, so close, yet so far. Roble’s cock was hitting him in just the right sweet spot. He felt he could explode at any moment into bliss. His eyes rolled up into his head. Roble was not big enough to cause him any pain once the penetration was over, really. It was all just pleasure. Pure pleasure. He was so close, so close.

“Roble, don’t stop!”, he said as he looked up the beautiful man wearing the crucifix making love to him.

Roble had no intention of stopping. This was the hottest fuck he had had in so long. This guy’s ass was perfect in so many ways. Just right. The perfect tightness for squeezing his cock. Oh god, it felt so good. He watched the young explorer enjoy the fucking he was giving him. He was giving him that pleasure. That blissful look was all because of him. He was so proud.

“Uh, oh, uh, oh. No! I’m close. I’m sorry! I can’t hold back any longer! Augggghhhhh!!!” Then Roble came hard up inside the condom in young explorer’s ass while the young explorer jerked furiously at his cock to cum also. It didn’t take long for him to get from that blissful state over the edge and explode into ropes of cum that landed in stripes everywhere.

Roble collapsed on top of Mr. Butterfly to be physically close to him immediately. He lay there in Mr. Butterfly’s cum, looking into his eyes. Suddenly, the door opened and a group of brawny, serious naked men stormed in. The leader said, “I see they have been amusing themselves while waiting for the Master. How sweet. Take them! Clean them up. Bring them before the Master at once!”

A brawny slave grabbed each of our heroes and jerked them towards the bathroom by one arm to quickly shower then with cold water and dry them off. With that being done, they were taken roughly out of the room and down the hallway to see Akbar, Master of the Harem of Bubastis.

The young explorer looked helplessly at Roble and thought, what are we going to do now? Roble was thinking the exact same thing.

Photo credit for Roble and males: Brawny Stud


pjotr said...

Can they escape to Hermopolis... where Thoth, the deity of the Moon, can watch over them...

All will be reveiled in the next episode of Egyptian Escapade in a weeks time...

Doug said...

Hot stuff, Sue! Please tell me we're going to get some group harem sex action. Those slave dudes are yummy.

Sue said...

Sorry Peter, it will be longer than a week the way I write...

Doug - glad you are enjoying the story. I have enjoyed writing it so much that I many episodes written in advance and it is difficult not to just go ahead and post them all.

Shaney said...

OK where do I sign up? Do I have to fill out any forms? Will the process take very long? A Harem for men, now thats just too damn 'fine a place' to be. Hmmm I wonder if I could be a Harem Master! Who would fulfill my every whim! Oh my right hand of course!
You have excelled once again Sue.

Sue said...

Glad you are enjoying the story Shaney!

SYNRGY said...

Sue it amazes me how you bring them to life... You did the same for Mr. Happy... ROFLOL

(I don't actually have a name for my dick... I heard it in a movie... It made me laugh...)

Awesome series, and the pics are Mmmmmmmm.

Sue said...

Syn - You call your dick Mr. Happy... okay. Good to know! Glad to know that you and Mr. Happy are enjoying the story! Maybe we should have a Mr. Happy "meter" for each story...

Rob Bartell said...

Nice to see you chose a photograph by my friend JORGE FREIRE for your lead photo. I think he's one of the most talented photographers in the country...

Sue said...

Oh did I? I have no idea who the photographers are. I just choose the cute guys I want in my fantasy. I just had to have the lead guy (Roble). I have another photo that I will use eventually. He simply MUST be talented if I used him...