Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Happy Independence Day fellow Americans! Our fireworks are rained out this evening in the Northeast. Guess we have to stay in and have sex instead. No one for you to have sex with? Not a problem when you have your rubber ducky like this gentleman has. Doesn't he have the funniest expression on his face? Like the last thing he was expecting was that bright yellow rubber ducky to spring from his crotch. It's pretty funny, you've got to admit. Anyone want to lend him a hand?

Photo credit: Brawny Stud


Shaney said...

LOL Sue - Love your wicked little ways!
And can I just say what a set of rib crushing legs he has there - Ouch!
But I am loving his tanned, glistening muscularity...*all night lick*

Shaney said...

P.s Happy July 4th to you & your family sweetie...xoxo

Sue said...

Same to you Shaney Boy!