Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Other Side of François Sagat

We are all aware that François Sagat has earned the highest accolades for his career as an adult entertainer. But did you know that in his free time, François Sagat designs art for tee shirts for a company called Fade? Fade is owned by his old Studio Berçot fashion school buddy Oliver Bobin, whom he met 10 years ago. Monsieur Bobin likes to include other intriguing personality’s contributions in his works and has thus invited edgy musical groups, artists with fresh points of view and gay iconoclasts, such as François to do so. He feels that these artists add uniqueness and mystery to his designs.

Here are some examples of designs François has done for Fade's tee shirts:

His latest drawing is for a Fade tee shirt for the Belgian band “Vive la Fête”. François was given the instruction to draw the protagonists as skeleton’s playing guitars. Here is what he came up with:

Click image to enlarge

The above drawing is just marvelous, even though it is just a start. It is so whimsical, charming, lovely and macabre all at the same time. I just adore how the sun’s rays are knives. What I really like about this and all of François’ drawings are the patience applied to achieve detail, the apparent knowledge of anatomy, innate sense of graphic design, and creativity and cleverness. All of this demonstrates that he has great potential as an artist.

François demonstrates that he is an experienced model by showing his own creations:

The tee shirt with his designs can also be dressed up to be worn out to a night to a club or even to a wedding. Here they are as modeled in Fade fashion shows:

Here is a promotional poster for a Fade fashion show that includes a photo of François showing that they are using his image in their advertising:

And a collage made by François for Fade of his own photography:

More collages can be seen on his blog.

He has also worked on a Book for Fade’s web site. The book includes Fade’s products in François' photographs presented in graphic layouts and is worth a look as François has put quite an effort into it.

As an avid photographer François has also put together slide shows for his blog. My favorite slide show of his is one he did about his feelings when he first met Francesco D’Macho. He reveals his soul in this show with one just or two words for each photo. I love it when he labels meeting Francesco as “salvation” and says that he is “not alone” any more. You can find it here along with all of his other slide shows.

Upcoming projects include his working with known fashion photographers David Armstrong and Bernard Willhelm on varying projects that shall be posted on his blog shortly.

François’ is a very talented graphic artist and accomplished photographer loaded with creativity and energy to produce works. My hope is that he finds more opportunities to explore his innate creativity and artistic gifts and use other mediums of expression. I think he is well positioned to do so and the future looks very bright for the other side of Monsieur Sagat.


Doug said...

Excellent work, Sue! Couldn't agree with you more about Francois' talent as an artist. I love his designs, so meticulous and charming.

goldeneyeuk said...

Lovind the designs, very different. There new to me, very refreshing.

Sue said...

Thanks Doug! Francois really is a talent.

Thanks Ryan, glad to educate you to his other side!

about a boy said...

awesome. that mans ass could feed me for years.

Sue said...

Sorry Chris. He is spoken for. You'll have to speak with Francesco D'Macho about it.

Shaney said...

Wow that really is amazing Sue & I would not have known that unless you mentioned it here. He is quite the talent (porn career aside & all) Wonder if his designs will ever reach Aussie shores...

Sue said...

That is a good question. You can purchase them from the Fade website (go to "shop")if you like.

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