Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Freshman Year - Part 7, Notre Dame

The control tower at LaGuardia Airport

I was excited about visiting my sister Evie at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. Mom drove me to LaGuardia airport but there was so much traffic that I had to leave the car before we were all the way there and run the rest of the way to the airport from the ramp to make my flight. That had never happened before. God, I just hated Long Island with all of its traffic.

Once aboard my flight, I was seated comfortably in coach and the man next to me started a conversation. He was dressed in a business suit and asked me to guess what business he was in. He mentioned that at the time it was not a popular business. It turned out that he was an executive in the sugar business, and at that time sugar prices were high because of some political to dos in sugar producing countries. We were having a nice conversation with our drinks on our flip down trays, when we were hit by some turbulence. I was already belted in, but he wasn’t. The flight attendants made the announcement and the seatbelt signs lit up. He looked down to fasten his seat belt and the plane shimmied and hopped, and what I didn’t see is the ice cube that bumped out of my drink glass and in between my jean clad legs. There it sat a started to melt. Well, I began to feel damp down there, and it was the time of month where it could be an issue for a girl to feel that way. But, I didn’t know a sleek and inconspicuous way to check out the situation without my seat mate noticing what I was doing. Finally, I just had to go for it and check. So I put my hand down there and found the problem without him noticing. I took the unmelted portion of the ice cube out and was relieved that that was all it was and it wasn’t my time of the month yet.

It wasn’t a very long flight and he asked me what my plans were in Chicago. I felt a bit nervous telling a stranger what my plans were, but Evie told me I could trust Midwesterners so I told him I was going to take a bus to Notre Dame to visit my sister. He said, “South Bend! That is where I am going! I live there. I could give you a ride and save you the bus fare.”

“But my sister is going to meet me with her friends at the bus station and I don’t know where that is.”

“That is okay. I do and I can take you right there.”

“Deal. Let’s go!”

So he took me right there and it cost me nothing. We got there earlier than the bus would have and I was just really glad to see that my sister and her friends were there waiting already. I said my goodbyes and thanks to the sugar executive and ran off to see my sister. Boy was she surprised to see that I was not coming off of a bus.

Wow. What a welcome party she had arranged for me! She was there with her swimmer boyfriend Matthew, Matthew’s brother Chris and best friend David (also swimmers), and two varsity football players, and a varsity pole vaulter, Scott. All of the men were wearing ties just to meet me! The two football players hoisted me up onto their meaty shoulders and gave me a bumpy and rousing parade onto campus all the way to Evie’s dorm. It was really something. Six young men turned out to meet me. Evie must have been really popular. I was in awe. She’d made out really well here at Notre Dame.

I spent the weekend learning about dorm high jinks, such as papering some ones room (e.g.: filling it with crumpled up newspaper from floor to ceiling) and macking with Scott, my hand selected date for my visit.

He was really divine. I can never thank Evie enough for setting me up with him. He was head to toe lick-able muscle and every inch was gorgeous. We made out for hours to The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens. Oh god, I was in heaven. But Scott remained a gentleman out of respect for Evie. (Damn!) But what can you do when a guy tells you that? Say, "Pay no attention to my twin sister, what does she know about me anyhow? She has only known me all my life. I am a slut. Just go for it man." After all, I was still a virgin. How pathetic. What a guy to lose your virginity to though. It would have been delicious. Sigh.

All the guys at Notre Dame were midwestern handsome; tall, fair haired, hunky and gorgeous. None at my school were. I felt short changed in that respect. But I had to get back east. At least Evie lucked out in the men department. She had a great boyfriend who was smart and cute and they were really close. So, I returned to Cayuga. To a new dorm, new roommates and hopefully no new problems.


Shaney said...

Gee...A free ride, a wet crutch & 6 hunky men to greet you...No wonder that memory stayed with you...*winks*
But I must say you were pretty lucky the free ride was a safe ride Sue. I dont think many would take that chance these days.
But it sounds like you had fun fun fun...xoxo

Sue said...

The whole trip was memorable Shaney. *wink*