Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation, Part 2

You know that television commercial with the little boy who is just too excited to sleep because he is going to Disney World? Well, that is how Mr. Butterfly and Sue Fairview felt on their Air Icelandia flight to Reykjavik. They just chatted the whole way there about what they would see and do. It seemed in no time their jet was making its approach for landing at Keflvík Airport. The wheels were dropped from the fuselage, locked down into place for landing, the plane leveled, slowed and landed. They taxied to the gate and rolling stairs were pulled up for their exit through the Leifur Eiriksson Air Terminal.

They changed some dollars for krona, went through baggage claim, customs and immigration without problems and grabbed a taxi for the 40 minute ride to the Floki Inn. They spoke no Icelandic, but showed the address to the cabbie and he was familiar with it.

They had chosen to stay at the Floki Inn because of the reasonable price of $70 dollars a night per person for a room with shared bath facilities. Surely they did not want to waste privately donated funds on expensive lodgings. Yet, the Floki was well located within walking distance of attractions in Reykjavik and clean. They had only planned on staying two nights and then they would be camping for most of the trip. So having a bed at all would be a luxury for those two nights.

Check in time wasn’t until 4:00 pm and it was hardly lunch time. So, they went to check on their shipped supplies and those had arrived just fine and were stored in a separate area at the Floki.

Sue had arranged for a trip to the local spa to get an Ayurvedic cleansing treatment massage. They went there and were shown into changing rooms, where they showered and changed into spa robes and slippers.

One masseur was Shiva and the other was Krishna. Shiva explained that he had studied massage in India under his grandfather. The herbal oils were designed to purge the body of toxins. These warmed oils were poured over their bodies and massaged in deeply for 90 minutes. Neither of them felt much like moving after that. They checked into the Floki Inn and had dinner at a respectable fish place that had a lobster special.

After a nap, at 10:00 in the evening they donned their Diesel jeans and went out to hit Reykjavik’s clubs. They began with the leather bar, MSC. It is opposite the Opera house at the back of a dark alley. When they got there they were told that women are not allowed in! So, Mr. Butterfly decided to just pop in for a glance and then come back out. But, he reported that it was too early for anything to be happening there.

So they moved on to the next club on their list, the Spotlight Club. They stopped in for vodka (the drink of choice here in Iceland) but nobody was there and they moved on to Club 22. Finally, this was where it was happing for the evening. The club upstairs was packed as and they were having a Diana Ross disco dance night. Right away they noticed that this was a mixed venue having both gay and straight clientele.

They both felt like the new gazelles that have just entered the savanna and all the lions were checking them out. Sue and the young explorer felt like fresh meat. It didn’t take long for both of them to get asked to dance. Sue’s partner was very cute, tall, brunette and thin, but muscular; he’d do just fine. The first song they danced to was Love Child. Sue asked him what his name was, yelling over the music, and he said that he was called Nikulás. She told him her name and they continued dancing. The song changed to I’m Coming Out and the crowd went wild.


Sue peeked over at Mr. Butterfly and his dance partner was really cute. Like to die for cute. He had a very modern look and was wearing a ski cap that made him look very sexy. They were really getting down to the music.

But then, Nikulás brought Sue’s attention back to him with his fingers on her chin. He said, “Don’t look at your friend, keep your eyes on me. You never know what I’ll do. I might just do this.” Then he leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. His hand went to the back of her head and his tongue entered her mouth gently. She allowed it. It was quick and fun. Then they just kept dancing as if nothing had happened.

The next song was Upside Down and that was also a real crowd pleaser. During that one Sue noticed that Mr. Butterfly and his dance partner had taken their shirts off and were getting to know each other a bit better; they were kissing too. Then the DJ played a slow song, Missing You. Nikulás did not hesitate to bring Sue in close. Sue and Nikulás embraced and trust me; there was no room to throw a cat in between them. There was body contact everywhere. Like many of the other couples on the floor, they began to kiss and press their bodies together suggestively. All of the drinks and the music and Nikulás and Sue were getting pretty turned on. When the song ended Sue whispered into his ear, “Do you want to go?”

He said, “Sure.”

Sue and partner headed for where Mr. Butterfly was to tell him they were going. They had to interrupt him and his new friend but they did. Sue told him they were leaving and returning to the Floki. He said that he would also be going back soon with his new friend, Rurik. Sue winked at him and he smiled. Even Rurik managed a guilty smile and a wink.

Nikulás had trouble keeping his hands off of Sue on the short sunlit walk back to the Floki at nearly midnight. Sue just kept telling him in the immortal words of Diana Ross, You Can’t Hurry Love. He didn’t think that was very funny. Eventually they got back to the room. Sue unlocked the door and they both fell into the room. Nikulás closed the door behind them and began peeling off his clothes and hers. Sue’s hands fumbled trying to help him with his belt buckle and pants zipper to expose his hard-on. When that was done she went down on him, taking as much as possible in her mouth all in one go. He threw his head back, pushed out his hips and moaned. She deep throated him right away and didn’t stop even though he had quite a length on him. She supported his balls with her right hand and gave them a little tug now and then, circling them with her thumb and forefinger. She steadied herself with her left arm around his waist. She really was making a sloppy mess of things. His pants were around his ankles, but he didn’t care. He had to stop her before he came and he certainly didn’t want to come this way, not before he had the chance to fuck her.

So, he stopped her, even though she was giving him the probably the best head ever and finished undressing her by pulling off her shoes and Diesel jeans. He put a condom on and pushed her back on the bed and directed his cock into her pussy as she tilted her hips up to help him. But, he was not satisfied. He asked her to flip over, and she did. She went to all fours, and on his knees, he held her hips and entered her pussy from the back. The view from here was much better. He could see her spectacular ass as he pumped away at it. Oh, god she was tight from this angle. This wasn’t going to take too long. It felt way too good. He asked if she was close and she was moaning in reply. That was a good sign. Her skin felt so buttery soft; how did she get it that way?

Sue was in heaven. And Nikulás was putting her there. Every stroke of his rock hard cock was bringing her closer to nirvana. That bright and shining edge of pleasure was so close and so far. Right at the edge, just a bit closer, oh so close, so close, close, don’t stop. Then she moaned in pleasure loudly with her release and Nikulás heard it and knew what it meant. He could feel her insides constricting on his cock with her waves of pleasure and he was right behind her. A couple more strokes and there he was, he shot waves of creamy sperm into the condom. A couple more strokes and he collapsed on top of her with his release and then scooted off so as not to crush her with his weight. She turned to him and they kissed; both blissful and satisfied. Sue smiled and said, “That was wonderful.” He had to agree; she was a damn hot fuck.

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Peter said...

I love your fantasies, looking forward to what happens with Rurik and Mr. Butterfly ;-)

Shaney said...

Oh well dont I just need a wank after reading that...*blushes*
Ok it may have got me hot n bothered but I do have some self control...*wink* Hot Sue...You got talent for sexscapades!!!! xoxox

Sue said...

Peter - You only have to wait a week! :)

Shaney - Thanks so much for saying so. I hate to think that I am losing my touch this early in the game. Maybe I will get more comments with my post about Rurik.

goldeneyeuk said...

Sue Sue Sue, im all shocked, that turned me on ;), im confused now. Great story though.
Keep up the great work.

ps i added some pics of Mr Craig capped from Casino Royale just for you.
Ryan x

Sue said...

Goldeneye - How am I supposed to know that people liked it if they don't leave comments? Sigh. Glad to hear that you did. :) Here I've been going to SSG2. Haven't gone to SSG lately. *blushing* Will go now to check out DC. Thanks!