Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Check Out Francesco's New Hot Look

Francesco D'Macho sporting his new hot look in a recent photograph with Francois Sagat. See the rest of the photos here. I approve. Don't you?


Francesco D'Macho said...

I got 50% emails saying shave it! and 50% telling me to keep it!..

My point of view is some change every now and then is better..

So it's a keeper for a bit..

Thank you Sue

Sue said...

You can't please everyone! I am glad you are keeping it. I think it is very flattering to your face as it outlines your strong jaw to give you a sexy look. You are most welcome Francesco. Thanks so much for your comment!

Brad said...

I love the look!!

Shaney said...

would not matter Sue...The man is SEX on LEGS!!

Sue said...

Brad - I love a man that agrees with me! :)

Shaney - so true, so true!!! I guess with or without facial hair neither one of us would be saying no!

exNavyMike said...

You rock. You're my Blog idol :)

I love that I surf over to your blog to find more of your man Francesco (So hot, so sweet); I love it even more when I open the comments and the first one is from him! That just had to make you tingle.

Personally, I agree that the facial hair suits him. I'm taken, otherwise I'd be right there in line with you and Shaney :)

Sue said...

Mike - I love it that I am your blog idol and yes I am all a tingle today that he was my first commentor. I'm just so excited, I don't know what to do with myself. You know? Any ideas?

exNavyMike said...

If Francesco commented on my blog, I think I know what I'd do with myself, but seeing as how your anatomy's very different from mine (and scares me quite a bit), I have no suggestions ;)