Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Link Trifecta


Isn’t he cute? Look at his bone structure; isn’t he divine? Synrgy is a self described “big gay hairdresser”. If he moved to my town I would come and be his client in no time flat. I mean look at his sense of style. There is no style whatsoever in my Podunk town. It is a style vacuum up here. So I find out that he has linked me on his blog. Why? I don’t know. But I can tell you that we have the same taste in men and we like to smell them. How do I know this? Because we both visit Shaney’s blog The Pride Place and when Shaney has his Smooch Fest posts featuring 9 men and you have to choose one to smooch, Synrgy and I always chose the same one. Plus, in a post about a rugby team that stayed at Shaney’s place of employment, I asked if he could smell them and that struck a cord with Synrgy too. So what kind of men do we like? Not the wimpy pretty boys, but the manly ones that will give us a run for our money and not let go of us until they are done. And, by the way, they know what they are doing and have nothing to learn from us. Right Synrgy? Well, Synrgy, we could still go out, because I am an old married lady, so you can have all the men. I’ll just look, well and maybe drool a bit.

So check Synrgy’s blog now.

So Slowly

So Slowly is a blog based in Istanbul written in Turkish by Hakkimda. But the language doesn’t matter much when the real function of the blog is as a source for photos of men (see example below). [But then again, maybe I am wrong about that. How can I know, when I don’t know what Hakkimda has to say? Maybe he has a solution for world peace. Forgive me Hakkimda for not being able to read your language.] The photos of Francesco D’Macho in a toy box came from So Slowly and when I credited them, they linked me. So, check them out and consider using them as a resource the next time you need a photo. Adults only please.

Bodybuilders from So Slowly

Hot Hard Cock

Jamie is a bi British boy who blogs about his priapism and all things sexual. On his blog there are videos of adults having sex, videos of nude people doing various and sundry things and photos of nude men and women. The video of him and his girlfriend having sex is pretty hot. So check it out. Adults only please.


hothardcock said...


Thanx for the mention - pleased you enjoy my blog.


SYNRGY said...

Sue... You rock... I love your blog, and read it with my morning coffee... It was such a surprise to open it up today and see me, LOL... Thank you for the kind words... I still think we were separated at birth :)

Sue said...

Jamie - you are most welcome!

Sue said...

Synrgy - Okay. Now I feel guilty that I don't post everyday to give you something new to read with your coffee. :( But I am glad you enjoyed seeing yourself! You deserve it!!!

Ryan said...

well damn hot gotta go say hi!

Sue said...

Guess so Ryan!

Shaney said...

My goodness where have I been of late....Oh sorry I know the answer to that...Moving right along...Thankyou for the mention...Synergy is gorgeous Sue...*licks lips*...Oh my!