Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daniel Craig - Movie Review, Part 5

Sylvia 2003

The message of this movie is clear: don’t marry a philanderer if you are suicidal. Yup, you guessed it and it makes for a very depressing movie.

The acting here is top notch with stunning performances turned in by both Gwyneth Paltrow, as the novelist Sylvia Plath, and Daniel Craig, as English poet Ted Hughes. The movie’s pace was great at first when the couple fall for each other and passion is high, but then slows to a grinding halt as troubles ensue in their marriage and work and their two children begin to arrive. Sylvia dives into a deep depression with paranoid tendencies which is painful to watch. She feels that Ted is cheating on her at every turn, and he ends up doing just that. Finally he chooses another lover and she commits suicide.

There are a couple of hot love scenes, but I don’t get off on watching talented, smart people self destruct so I couldn’t say that I enjoyed them. But, I you don't mind seeing folks suffer, you might like this movie.

** of five stars


exNavyMike said...

ah, more Daniel. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Paltrow annoys me, and if you say she's hard to watch, I'm gonna have to skip this one. Still, I enjoyed reading it and I love the pics ;)

Sue said...

Yeah, she was particularly hard to watch in this role. Didn't she also play Emma? That was also hard to watch, but for different reasons. I only rented this movie to do the review for my DC review completeness, which I am sure YOU will understand. So, from the perspective, I enjoyed seeing him in the film. How I suffer for my blog readers.... Thanks for the comment!

exNavyMike said...

Oh, how you suffer... Yes, gotta get the whole set! ;)