Monday, March 05, 2007

Siblings Converge at Logee's

103 year old Ponderosa Lemon Tree at Logee's open since 1892

Brugmansia: Verne and I will get cuttings from Evie this Spring

During President’s week, my sister Evie, my brother Verne, and I met up at Logee’s Greenhouses in Danielson, Connecticut. They specialize in Begonias, Passion Flowers, Brugmansia, and other tropical plants. I was so excited because it is rare that the three of us kids get together all at once and plants are the one thing we all love and share.

Evie picked me up at my house and got there before Verne. We couldn’t wait to indulge in the warm humid air of the greenhouses; it is currently cold and dry outside, so we ran into the greenhouse complex. Evie said that she wanted to move in and stay. I looked at their little pond with tiny waterfall and said that I could keep my koi right there! We could feel our dry skin re-moisturize as we stood there. I used the loo and remembered fondly the ivy that grew on the ceiling. We never wanted to leave.

Verne showed up and we began to explore. We looked at begonia house first. Evie had promised a neighbor to get a spiral one, but I have never had luck with begonias and find them kind of boring. Evie loves them and bought four.

Next we looked at passion flowers. I have two purple ones and wanted one that was red and ever blooming. They were sold out of the one I wanted but I got Evie’s favorite, pura vida. Pura vida is hardy to 50˚ F, which is good because we don’t heat our house very much in the winter, the flower is all red and blooms in spring and summer. I set aside a 2 inch pot for $8 that has no buds but lots of sprouts.

Then we moved on to the next house that had citrus trees and orchids. I have never had luck with citrus, though Evie has. I love the sweet smell of the blooms. They also had a callandria tree in this house, and I just fell in love with these red pom-pom flowers, as they reminded me of mimosa trees that we had when I was a child. I asked Verne if I could grow them and he said sure I could. But the little pots of these for sale were the begonia house, so I decided to look for them later.

There were so many orchids to look at we didn’t know where to start. Evie and I ended up getting the same thing, a Phalaenopsis Harlequin type, or Monkface Orchid. There was no flower stalk on either of our plants, but lots of leaves and the plants are supposed to bloom twice a year on two stalks. Orchids are more expensive at $25 a pot.

Next we went to the dry and cool house. Here we looked at cactus, and Evie bought two tiny flowering ones for a neighbor who was dog sitting, but I think she ended up giving the neighbor a begonia. You can see her cactus here.

I wanted to get a winter blooming jasmine and did. I put it into a small clay window box I have that is decorated with bas relief. It should be beautiful in a year or so. It cost $9 for a 2.5 inch pot and is loaded with buds and shoots.

I kind of lost track of Evie’s plant buying. We visited the herb and succulent houses and then finally we made it back to the begonia house. I looked for my callandria pots, but only the white ones were in stock. Sigh.

The three of us had a great time together and I got some really neat plants. The Logee’s staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. You ought to stop by at Logee's if you get the chance.


Peter from Amsterdam said...

At least you brought some Spring back home. I hope the weather clears soon

about a boy said...

so beautiful!

Sue said...

Thanks Peter! We can but try!

Chris - We are all about beautifying our environment here at Fair View. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, i only bought one begonia for me! ...and an aloinopsis, a camellia, an orchid, a fockea, a heliconia, and a westringia. the other plants were all gifts!


Sue said...

Thanks for the clarification Evie! :)

Shaney said...

Ahhh so pretty...I love gardening Sue but due to the dire situation with water, there is no point having an indoor or outdoor garden...We will run out of water by 2009 if rains do not sweep through our catchment areas soon...xoxo