Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 17, Ecudorian Equinox

The next morning, the sun shone brightly and I awoke refreshed. I got up out my bed (!) and drew back the curtains (!) to allow the sunlight into my room. I turned and saw that during the night, the Hotel’s laundry service had finished with my clothing and it was back in my closet all clean. I had freshly laundered clothes to put on! I was overjoyed! They smelled wonderful. I got dressed and went down to the dining room for breakfast.

Pete, Chuck, José and Austin were already there. They all stood when I came down. I waved for them to sit. I mean really, we had all been together through really tough shit, they didn’t have to stand for lil’ ol’ me. Pete asked if I wanted decaf or regular coffee, and I said regular, which he then poured for me. He then said that entrees were on the side board. So I went over there to help myself. While there, Mr. Butterfly came down. Pete poured him some coffee, and he came over to help himself to some breakfast too.

We both came over to sit down at the large round table.

“Good morning everybody!” Everybody wished us good morning back. “What is on our agenda today?”, I asked looking at Pete.

“Well, José will tell you since he has been here taking care of things.”, replied Pete.

“First, William is already looking at the moss that you brought back with you. He has high hopes for the samples that were collected during the short time you guys were out in the field contain valuable Teagueia. He plans to report to us at dinner.”

“I was wondering why he wasn’t here. I thought he was just being his usual standoffish self.”

Many at our table fought smirks, some unsuccessfully. José continued.

“Papi and Mamasita Wise came shortly after Medico Allen Wise’s return to take their son back to a private rehabilitation centre in New York City. They were furious with Mr. Butterfly for seducing their son and then dumping him, causing him to return to drugs.”

“Now just hold on a minute!” began Mr. Butterfly.

José quickly clarified “I am just telling you what happened while you were gone.”

“No wonder he has problems, that is all I can say. If his parents never put the blame or responsibility on him, how do they think he will ever grow up?”, said an exasperated Mr. Butterfly.

Everyone nodded in agreement. José continued.

“Oscar is in the hospital mending and should be discharged today or tomorrow. He developed a wound infection but it is responding to drugs now. We can visit him later this afternoon.”

“That sounds great! I can’t wait to see him!”, I said.

“Cristo has made a deal with the Ecuadorian Government to give information on FARC. He was actually quite high up in the Columbian guerrilla network and was able to cut a pretty good deal for himself. He was granted political asylum in the US because he is gay in return for information on guerrilla movements in Ecuador and nearby.”

We were all astonished by this last news and our jaws dropped open.

“He will join a Federal relocation program and get a new identity in the U.S.. But I cannot think that he will be safe anywhere at this point. Next matter for us to discuss is what the Medico Fairview and Pete will be doing today. You will be meeting with the Ecuadorian Military. Pete has already checked it out with the US Embassy.” Here he glanced at Pete and Pete nodded indicating that he had checked into it. “They will question you about your time with Cristo and your escape. They have already questioned Oscar. They just want to make sure that all of the stories match up. That should take the morning.”

“Boy that sounds like a barrel of laughs.”, I said.

“It will be okay.”, said Pete as he gave me a look of reassurance.

I sipped my coffee and looked at my watch. It was coming onto about 8:00 am. “What time do we have to be there?”

“Around 9:00 am.”, said Pete. “It is not far and it only takes a few minutes to get there from here.”

“I’m going to finish my coffee in my room then. Excuse me gentlemen.” I rose from the table and went back to my room.

When I got there I was finishing my coffee and looking out the window when there was a knock at the door. I went to it and opened it and it was Pete. I asked him in.

“Hey, how ya doin’? I thought I’d stop by and see how you were.”

“I’m fine. How are you?”, I asked as I moved to hug him. He met me and we hugged warmly.

“I just wanted to give you some space last night. I didn’t know how you would feel after what you had been through. You may have felt that I took advantage of you out in the field and hated me today. I’m glad you don’t.”

I sighed deeply. “I don’t Pete. But I’m glad you left me to myself. I was dog tired last night. Are you coming with me today?”

“I sure am. I have yet to be debriefed too. Plus I am going to be your American representative while you are debriefed. I hope that is okay.”

“It is.”

“Wait until you see where we are going. The Military Offices are in the Governmental Palace. It is quite a fancy schmancy place.”

“Sounds like it.”

“The walk will take a few minutes so we should get going soon.”

* * *

Mr. Butterfly wanted to return to his room and just chill out for the morning. He excused himself and set off to do just that. He got back to his room and got comfortable by running a bath. He thought that next he would check if he could get porn on the in house TV, though he kind of doubted that. He was in the tub soaking away his cares when there was a knock at the door. Exasperatedly, he wondered who the fuck was disturbing his peace and quiet. He called out that he was in the bath in case it was just a maid, but there was no answer.

With frustration, he wrapped a towel around himself and went to the door. He barely had a chance to open it, when Austin forced his way inside the room and slammed the door shut behind him.

“You! You! You have ruined my life!”, shouted Austin.

He paced like a wild animal, as if looking for something to vent his anger on. Then he faced Mr. Butterfly again, who was suddenly noticing just how physically large the young Marine was.

“Every time I try to think of my fiancée Diane, all I can think about is getting a fucking blow job from you!”

“Calm down Austin. It is not as bad as you think”

“Don’t tell me to calm down! You are the source of all of my trouble. I just can’t see the way forward from here. I can’t face… I am so ashamed… I am so angry… You asshole! I’m going to kill you!”

Then Austin lunged at Mr. Butterfly with his fists. Mr. Butterfly ducked down to knee height and Austin went flying over him and onto the bed. But Austin came up and grabbed Mr. Butterfly around the waist lifted him clean off the floor tossed him onto the bed and began to wrestle with him. Quickly the young explorer lost his towel from is hips. At some point, Austin realized he had pinned a completely naked man to his bed. He was initially stunned. But then it dawned on him that this was an opportunity of sorts.

“Okay! I’m going to fuck your goddamned ass just to see how it compares to my gal’s.” Then he slapped the young explorer’s butt hard.

Out of breath, the young explorer managed “Sweet talker! How can I resist? The condoms and lube are in the drawer.” Actually, he was really turned on by all the manhandling.

“Lube? What do I need that for?” Austin figured it out and then felt silly for asking. “Shut up and stay right there!”

He quickly stripped off his tee shirt and shorts and found the condoms and lube. He put them both on himself like a pro while the young explorer watched with rapt attention. It was obvious that Austin blamed all of his troubles on the young explorer. Now was his opportunity to take it out on him too. He roughly flipped the young explorer over on the bed and pulled him to the end of the mattress. Then he kneeled behind him. Austin pushed his erection in the young explorer’s anus as quickly as possible, causing him to grip the sheets tightly in his fists to deal with the pain. But then it was over. Austin began pumping away as vigorously as was possible and with abandon and the young explorer was transported to another world. The young explorer began to moan his pleasure out. Austin roughly slapped his buttocks to stop him from moaning. But that did not exactly stop him. The young explorer cried out “Oh yeah! I’ve been bad, hit me harder cowboy!” Then he just enjoyed it even more.

Austin was not immune to the pleasure either. He was realizing that this was pretty good too. Maybe it was even better than his Diane’s pussy. A bit tighter. He could be as rough as he wanted with a guy too. He could never slap Diane like that. It would make her cry. He hated when she cried. And she did it all the time! She made him feel like an animal. She was always complaining that he was too rough during sex. That was why she insisted on being on top. He didn’t hear Mr. B complaining that he was too rough. Mr. B was enjoying this. Loving it. Listen to him moan with pleasure. I am giving him that pleasure thought Austin. That is pretty fucking cool.

“Oh god, Austin, I am close.”, said a nearly delirious young explorer.

Austin heard that and began to focus. He grabbed the young explorer’s arms and held them in one large hand behind the man’s back just this side of painfully, and then he crooked the other arm around the young explorer’s neck. He whispered into the young explorer’s ear “This is so you remember me.”

Then he did the most amazing rapid thrusts with his penis while slowly putting careful pressure on the carotid arteries on either side of the young explorer’s neck. The young explorer felt completely helpless and afraid. Was Austin killing him? He said he was going to. But he was well and truly pinned by this Marine and could do nothing. So, having no other options he went with it. It was really the most blissful orgasm he had ever had. And that was the last thing he remembered before he lost consciousness.


thonnibg said...

Thaaat wa WONDERFUL,Sue!
I LOVE how the fight turned into a hot fucking!I was hoping to:)hehe

lo said...

what!!?? omg you can't just stop there! sdlfjljf that was great but damn. !! i love these friday stories :) perfect start to the weekend thank you!!

peter said...

Sue, that was fuckin' great! You know how you can turn us on.

We only need a good bye fuck between Mr. B. and José... or is that wishful thinking?

Sue said...

Thanks everybody. I kind of knew that was coming but the story develops as I write it. I wanted a character to deal with becoming gay, and Austin was in the right place at the right time. I'm afraid Jose IS wishful thinking Peter. His little mushroom headed cock is going to have to stay in our dreams and belong to Trella (lucky girl!).

Doug said...

I still think Butterfly can do better than Austin.

Sue said...

Really Doug? Do share your thoughts.

Doug said...

Austin's a narcissist and creepy, seems more interested in his own power and reputation than in Butterfly. Of course Butterfly seems attracted to him regardless of the crappy way he's been treated, so I guess maybe he thinks he can't do better, or else the pleasure of the sex outweighed the assholery he has to put up with. Or am I misreading this whole relationship?

Peter said...

Doug, if you have followed Butterfly around on his adventures then you should know he's like a sailor. In every port there's another...

Sometimes you've to give and other times you've to take.

Sue said...

Austin is upset because his sexual identity is in the midst of change. He might get over it. Give him time.

Laurie said...

I'm fantasizing about the first
three guys-and the bed. They are
some eye-candy.

Sue said...

That is what the fantasy is all about Laurie!!! Enjoy!

Doug said...

All I meant by my initial remark was that if this were not rollicking good fiction (which I realize it is)and if Butterfly were my friend (which I realize he isn't) I would question why Butterfly would continue to succumb to a guy who makes him feel so frustrated and afraid (afraid for his life, apparently, in the last scene) especially when there are a gaggle of other seemingly more available guys around him. Austin has acted like an ass, regardless of his excuses (his inner dialogue was more than a little demeaning to Butterfly in the last scene---which is not to say that as a fiction it wasn't a great read; it's actually perfect for Austin's disgusting character) and Butterfly deserves better (if he were real).

Having said that, the assholery of Austin probably makes for better erotic fiction than a happy stable relationship, so while in life I would question the choice, in fiction I find it captivating.

about a boy said...

woah! i wish my baths ended like that!