Sunday, January 06, 2008

Book Review: Code of Conduct

Here is my book review straight from Amazon:

Code of Conduct

Could not put it down, January 5, 2008

Code of Conduct takes place right after Clinton was elected President and before his "Don't ask, don't tell" policy was put in place. I could not put this book down. That is how exciting it was. It covers the lives of a group homosexual men and women in the Marines and Navy who are friends and their relationships and how these relationships are affected by the policies of the military towards their sexual orientation. The novel first grabs you with a murder mystery, then two romances. When a serious accident occurs on during an air show, a gay pilot is blamed as part of a government cover up. The novel explores love, loyalty, courage, dedication and honor in a very moving way that you will never forget.

At that time, there were witch hunts for gays in the military, and you might wonder, who would endeavor to catch folks in the act of sodomy? Self loathing closeted gays would, that's who. You may say, oh, but those don't exist do they? Just have a look at the news recently and you can see that they do. Rich Merritt's book is full of compelling characters such as these and more. My question is who is going to produce the movie? The novel certainly has enough action scenes to support a feature film.

This is a very important book for all Military personnel to read so that they will understand how their gay counterparts feel about having to hide or worse yet, lie about their sexual identities to serve their country. This book serves that purpose perfectly as does Rich's first book, Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star. All Americans with any interest in the Military in this country or in Politics should read this book.


Angelo said...

Sounds interesting,I'm going to buy this book,thanks for the tip!

Sue said...

Oh boy! I made a sale! Thanks Angelo. You really will love the book.

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