Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Marco da Silva Dancer, Choreographer & Model

Say what you want, but Marco da Silva is a colorful man on the scene in today's gay world. He is highly visible due his many unique tattoos and great dance moves.

This photograph is one from his shoot with DNA magazine in March this past year.

Here he is with Francesco D'Macho summering in Ibiza last year.

Making out with Craig on the beach.

Posing for more photos.

Dancing with Kyle Minogue.

Here is a video in which he is one of Kyle's dancers, the song is "Slow":

Here is a video in which the choreography was done by him:

Marco is a very talented person. His blog is here.


SYNRGY said...

He makes me tingle... down there...

about a boy said...

he is beautiful.

is that you up there sue?!

cristianonyc said...

Very pop!I like his style , but Francesco is still my favorite, sorry

Sue said...

Michael - Mmm. Where exactly?

Chris - Yup.

Cristiano - goes without saying!