Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 18, Ecuadorian Equinox

I walked with Pete to the Governmental Palace and was blown away by how stately the government square and palaces were.

The Presidential Palace was gorgeous but we were going to the Government one that was built prior to the 1940’s and was more modern looking.

The actual Military Office was a small one and outside of it was a secretary who spoke no English. We both sat and waited for the Officer in charge.

A well dressed officer arrived in a few minutes and introduced himself as Mayor Camacho and with him was Teniente Vallejo. We stood and shook hands as we introduced ourselves. We were ushered into a small room and offered coffees. We accepted. There was video equipment, which the Lieutenant set up. I was getting a bit tense. But I sipped my coffee with plenty of sugar and it was pretty decent.

When we were all seated and comfortable, Mayor Camacho began. “So tell me Dr. Fairview, how were you treated by the Columbian guerrillas after they took you hostage?”

“Pretty well actually. They forced me to march eastward for three hours without water and I was prodded by machine gun butts. But it could have been worse.”

“Please Doctor, make no judgments, just report the facts. What happened next?”

They broke into a group and began a discussion in Spanish. I don’t speak a word, but I am sure they were talking about me. I drank my water during this time. Then Cristo broke from the group and he and I headed due south, while the remaining three guerrillas marched east. We hiked for one hour until we came to a place with a small cave and a spring. Here we made camp.”

“Were you frightened of Cristo?”

“Of course, but how do you mean?”

“That he would hurt you, rape you, kill you?”

I took a deep breath and thought about it. I try not to focus on negative things and answering this question was going to force me to. “Why do you need me to answer that question?”

“It is not a difficult question.”

“It is for me.”

“I’m sorry. We can move on. What happened next?”

“It was late. We gathered some fruit for dinner and then prepared to sleep. I got cold and asked Cristo if I could sleep with him under his blanket.”

At this the Major’s eyebrows raised with his surprise. “Weren’t you worried that he would take advantage of you?”

“Yes, but I thought that I could fight him off. He had been so decent to me on the trail. I just couldn’t picture him turning into a rapist all of the sudden.”

“Do you always ask to sleep with men Dr. Fairview?”

“I’m not sure that is any of your business, Sir.”

The Major had the grace to look a bit flustered as he went to his next question. “So did he comply?”

“Yes. It was all very proper actually and that is when I first suspected that he was gay.”

“Thank you for your cooperation Dr. Fairview.”

Pete’s interview was next, and he handled it like a pro. We were out of there in no time flat. My nerves were jangling from the interview and the coffee. I really needed to walk it off. So, we set off around Quito.

“Why did you avoid the Major’s question?” asked Pete.

“Do you mean the one about always asking to sleep with men?”

“Very funny. No, I mean the one about being afraid of Cristo.”

“I just didn’t want to focus on negative things Pete.”

“So there are negatives then.”

“Well, yeah. I am normal.”

“Feel like talking to someone about them?”

I stopped walking and took a deep breath. “Actually Pete, I was scared shitless. The whole fucking time I was there with Cristo. I thought that he was going to kill me.” A big tear began to roll down my face and there was no stopping it. Pete looked around and fortunately for us, we were close to a park with benches. He pulled me to a bench and we sat.

“I just didn’t want to lay this all on you. I’m just not that machine gun toting gal that you saw out there. I have feelings and I get scared.”

“It is okay, come here and sit with me.”

We sat together and I cried. And I sobbed. He held me tight and I felt so safe. After I was done, we went back to the hotel.

The young explorer felt cool ice on his forehead. First it slid to the right, then to the left. There was a remnant of a headache there, but the ice was making it fade into a memory. It felt so good. He slowly opened his eyes and took a deep breath. His legs were in the air on the bed and his body was on the floor. Why was he in this position? This is the position one would be in to be revived if one was unconscious. Wait, oh shit! He looked up and saw Austin!

“You asshole! You choked me out!”, shouted Mr. Butterfly.

“Calm down. Mr. B. All is well now. You survived. And wasn’t the sex great!” A well satisfied Austin was lying next to him with a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

“You fuck! You could have killed me! Never, ever choke me again. I don’t care how good it felt, you must never do that to anyone again!”

“Oh, I just did it so that you would remember my first time with you. I’ll never do it again.”


“I promise, cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye!”

“There are other methods that accomplish similar goals and are not potentially lethal like choking is Austin.”

“Really? Can you show me what those are?”

“I am not an expert, but I can point you in the right direction to others that are experts and can help you.”

Now he had Austin’s full attention. “So, how was I? Am I ready to meet these experts?”

Mr. Butterfly let out an exasperated breath. “Put more ice over here and I’ll think about it.” What Mr. Butterfly really thought was that Austin had the potential to be a most splendidly brutal top, but he would never tell him that. He had the physical size and the Marine training that were the essentials, but he also had the animal intensity required. That was a rare trait.

Austin iced Mr. Butterfly’s brow a bit more fervently while he continued to speak his mind.

“It was an eye opener for me; a real surprise. I’ll tell ya. I never would have thought that I could be as rough as that. Diane would have been crying. You would not believe. You just ate it up, didn’t ya? Felt pretty good for me too. Fire works. That is what it felt like. Fire works. How was it for you?”

“Well Austin, it was pretty darn good. But I’d say you need much more practice before you hit the scene.” The young explorer was just really angry with Austin and couldn’t hide it.

Austin furrowed his brow and said “You’re still mad at me. Let’s see what we can do about that.”

Austin was still fully naked, as was the young explorer. Austin began by kissing the young explorer’s ear lobe, and then worked his way down to his jaw, neck, collar bone, and finally his nipple. Austin’s hand made its way down towards the young explorer’s pelvis. Austin put his hand on the young explorer’s dick, a first for him; he had never ever touched another man’s dick. He quickly looked up at the young explorer’s face to see if this newness was registering, but the young explorer’s eyes were shut, because the experience of handling his own dick was showing in how he handled the young explorer’s. Austin used his tongue to work his way down the other man’s pleasure trail towards his cock.

Now, he faced his adversary, the one eyed snake. It looked much like his own, but he had never had one in his mouth. He girded himself for this; he was really going to suck cock. He began just by licking the helmet. The young explored shuddered. It was smooth and had soft skin and felt delicate. How could something so hard be so delicate? He then licked the length of the cock from the base to the tip. That seemed easy. So far so good. Then he took the dick and put the whole thing in his mouth. Now what was he supposed to do? He felt around it with his tongue. He sucked on it a bit. Oh yeah, he was supposed to bob his head up and down on it. So he did that only to have the young explorer cry out about teeth or something. He mumbled “sorry”, and quickly covered his teeth. He was able to get the entire cock in his mouth all at one time. Amazing! Then he applied suction and bobbed his head all the way up, and then down. He looked up at the young explorer and his eyes were closed and his fists were opening and closing. Yup, he was transported. Good! The young explorer’s pubic area was so neatly trimmed it made it easy to for Austin to navigate with his mouth. He could easily move to suck on his nut sack, and then back to his cock, which he did. All the while, Austin was playing with himself. This was really turning him on too. He had decided to give the young explorer a blow job to make up for the choke hold move and that is what he did. Later, when the young explorer got close, he told Austin and Austin decided to swallow some of the cum, just to see what it tasted like. The young explorer came in spurts and Austin caught one in the back of his throat, and the next on his tongue, the remainder landed on his face. They were a bit bitter, but not terrible. Then he decided to come on the young explorer’s chest just for the fun of it.

After that, while they were holding each other, he looked at the young explorer and somewhat quizzically said “Well, I guess I’m a big ol’ queer now.”

Pete was in my bathroom, tenderly cleaning the tear stains off my face with a washcloth. Suddenly I just had to have him. I put my hand on his crotch, none too subtly, and said “Pete, I want you now.”

He smiled in response and said “I think I can accommodate you Dr. Fairview.” He came closer and he plunged his tongue into my mouth while holding the back of my head. I put my leg up onto his hip suggestively. We couldn’t shed our clothing quickly enough. I sat up on the bathroom countertop and spread my legs and he entered me like that. I ended up with my feet on either side of my butt holding onto his massive neck and shoulders. He put his hands on my ass behind me for leverage while he pounded away. I came instantly spasming so hard I nearly drove his cock out of me.

Then we switched positions, and he flipped me over so that I laid on the countertop with my ass sticking out and he drove his cock into me that way. He grabbed my hips for control and could bring me to him and himself to me. I felt helpless and used this way as there was nothing to put my feet on, or hold onto. Plus I could see us in the large mirror above the counter. The expressions on his stern face were priceless. The barbarian King raping his captured Princess. My mind reeled with fantasies, but the reality was plenty for me. Pete making hot love to his girl. His strength was impressive as were his flexing muscles. His face, neck and chest were blushed with excitement. What a fucking turn-on it was to watch him! I began to climax again and cried out with my pleasure. I knew that when that happened it brought him closer to his. His thrusts got faster and it was no time until he grunted out his pleasure into the condom and me. Our eyes met in the mirror and gave me a little kiss on the shoulder. Then he got off me and turned on the shower for us.


Peter said...

Well Princess you did it again! You turned me on too!!

thonnibg said...

I missed the story so much last Friday!Couldn`t wait until today:)

Doug said...

Love Pete and Sue together (in and out of bed)!