Sunday, January 13, 2008

Francesco D'Macho Nomintated for 3 GAYVNs

Last year's GAYVN New Comer of The Year, Francesco D'Macho, lived up to expectations by being nominated for 3 GAYVNs this year, including Best Oral Sex Scene, Best Sex Scene, and Best Performer of the Year. [Way to go porn crush!] Certainly this and his ability to write his own ticket within the industry in early 2008 puts him at the top of the porn world. But let's take a closer look at his nominations for GAYVN Awards this year.

The Best Oral Sex Scene Nomination is for Trunks 4: White Heat (Scene 3), Hot House Entertainment, Francesco D'Macho and CJ Madison.

I wonder just how many blow jobs each of these guys has under his belt, so to speak. Nothing like being shown how by an expert. We can all aspire to such greatness. Congratulations Francesco and C.J.! Best of luck to you both!

[Photo credit to Attempted Entertainment - Thanks Toni!!!]

The Best Sex Scene Nomination is for Communion (Scene 2), Hot House Entertainment, Francesco D'Macho, JasonRidge.

Photo credit: Unnatural Devotions

Francesco has been known to say that he gives his all during his performances. That is what he said about this one with Jason Ridge. He was glad to be paired with Jason who is a true star in his own right. The shooting was extremely intense, but Steven Scarborough kept on directing them to keep going, because it was great. When it was over, they were sweaty, cum soaked and tired. Read all about it at Francesco's blog.

All I can say is that it must be really something to be recognized as best sex scene when it is something that every one and his brother is doing every night at home in bed, and every porn star is doing on film. You really have to have that special something, plus work very, very, very hard at it. It is certainly not at all by chance that you get nominated for this one. So to my porn crush I say, you have already won! I know you want the award too. But gee whiz! Okay, you need the award. Best of luck in getting it. I am certainly rooting for you to get it.

Finally, Francesco's last nomination is for Best Performer of the Year. [Hooray!] You are totally the best! That is why you got nominated for so many other awards. I look at your competition and I feel that you have them beat. No one has gone outside of their house and worked for two other companies as you have done this year. Nobody comes close to your equaling performance. [Of course I am totally objective in this appraisal because I have never seen any porn. LOL]

Anyhow, best of luck Francesco! Keep working hard and keep the faith. You're going to win big in life, I just know you will. Cream always rises to the top.


thonnibg said...

3 very serious nominations!!!As you said ,Sue:Go,Francesco!Francesco deserves all 3 awards!
You described each one nomination escellent,Sue.Thx:)
Last year Francois-now Francesco!
There is something in the letter F...

Doug said...

Thanks for the link, Sue.

peter said...

Thanks Sue, another favorite of mine is doing/being done by Francesco. Jason H.O.T. Ridge.

G Cracker said...

Francesco has more than earned these awards...I'd say I'm sure he's got them in the bag, but some of these other's tough to say!