Saturday, January 05, 2008

Francesco D'Macho Joins Men at Play

From Men at Play:

The Rider
Starring Francesco D'Macho & Marcos Gabriel

The start of new year marks the start of a new beginning. So when Francesco considers a new job proposal its met by his customary list of demands. Little does he know that here at MAP the rules are somewhat different, and the games are always on our terms, especially when Marcos is in command. And before he has time to react, the tables are turned on Francesco as he is thrown against the car with Marcos trousers pulling his trousers down before he starts working on his muscular ass with his tongue, getting it moist and ready for the seriously hard fucking to follow.

We don't usually go for famous names in porn, but when we got an email from Francesco it seemed crazy to say no, although secretly we were still a bit skeptical as to whether he would live up to his reputation. After all how sexy can one man possibly be? Oh how naive we were. As soon as we gave him the MAP makeover and he turned on the D'Macho factor we instantly fell under his spell. Yes the muscles are amazing and those green [blue] eyes will leave you weak, but its the sexual aura and confidence radiating form this man that blew us all away.

Check out the new preview; lots more action is shown.


thonnibg said...

Francesco looks STUNNING on the cover!!!That man is becomimg more and more beautiful day by day...

Sue said...

I was thinking, I wonder if they gave him green contact lenses for his eyes as part of the MAP makeover. Do you think they did?

thonnibg said...

Could be,Sue.His eyes are blue but they really look kind of green on the cover:)
But I don`t see why they wanna make his eyes green when he has got sooooooo beautiful blue eyes!