Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 16, Ecudorian Equinox

It probably would have been okay, but when Pete and Sue showed up, Austin blushed a deep shade of red and froze like a deer in the headlights. He then clumsily tried to make excuses for himself. It was really pathetic to watch.

“Um, well, I was just resting a while with Mr. B. in the tent.” Then he nervously looked at us to see if we were buying it. We weren’t, but could really care less what he was doing in there. It was his business, not ours. We just nodded absently in reply. Then he went into high gear and got the hell out of there.

Mr. Butterfly laid back and continued his rest, smiling contentedly. I ducked into the tent to get my clean clothes and did not disturb him. I wanted to be dressed before Chuck returned with his kill. When I came back out, Pete was smiling at me. I dropped my towel and let him look. He reached out to me and took me in his arms again.

“Pete, I’ve got to get dressed before Chuck gets back. I mean I’d love for you to caress me all day but…”

“Okay Susie Q.” And he let me go. I sighed deeply. I needed him so desperately already. Gosh, what a loser I am I thought to myself. One fuck and I was gone on a guy.

I dressed quickly, suddenly wishing I had brought something a bit more attractive than hiking attire. Pete dressed too. What a shame to hide a body like his.

Within moments Chuck was returning and Austin had found him and was following. Chuck had bagged a large agouti paca. It had to be about 12 kilograms, or about 25 pounds before he had field dressed it. Certainly that was enough meat for all of us. Pete couldn’t wait to start the fire and he set to it quickly.

Chuck went ahead and skinned his kill while Austin measured out the rice. Mr. Butterfly and I collected water from the pool and then iodized it.

The paca was placed on a spit and Pete used up all of his special spice that he had brought with him on it. We were sure it was cooked completely in about an hour and a half, during which Chuck, Austin, and Mr. Butterfly bathed in the pool. Once dinner was ready, famished and not having had meat in days, we all dug in. I can swear that I have never in memory had a better meal than that paca at 3200 meters north camp with Pete’s special spice from Islamabad. After that, we had strong coffee and passion fruit.

The plan was that tomorrow we would hike to base camp which would take 8 hours. Tonight, Austin would take first watch, Chuck would have second. Pete and I would have the tent to ourselves all night and share one sleeping bag. The other two sleeping bags would be used by the two other people sleeping outside the tent.

We unzipped the sleeping bag and used it like a blanket over the sleeping mat. We took off our hiking boots and lay down together. I did not want to get more naked than this because I would be cold. Pete pulled me into him like a spoon and I could feel his ready erection. He whispered into my ear “I want you Susie.”

“I can’t guarantee that I will be quiet.”, I replied whispering back.

He said “I can.”

Then he undid my pants and pulled them down with my underwear and undid his. He opened a condom wrapper and donned it. He put a huge hand over my mouth, making it impossible for me to cry out and he penetrated me forcibly from behind. I tried to scream, but I was muffled by his hand. He grabbed me around my waist with his arm and controlled my hips. I wasn’t going anywhere. He had me under his total control this way. He pumped in and out of me with such power I was awestruck. I realized that I was totally under his power and he could have taken me by force at any time, but didn’t. I was so fucking turned on by that. I was like his little fuck tube, just like the ones they sell at the store that are supposed to be like a real pussy. He was using me that way. He was pushing me up and down on his hard dick to get off. I was completely helpless and I loved it. I climaxed immediately. He breathing got faster and his pumping was more urgent. My arms and legs flopped around useless like jelly. Still his hand was on my mouth. I could feel the head of his dick going in and out; oh god it was so good! Then I felt his dick spasm as he shot his load up inside me in the condom. He suppressed a groan with difficulty as I spasmed around his cock.

We lay there for a moment joined with him holding me, then he let go of my mouth and fell back, his cock popped out and he took off the condom. He mouth just gaped open in response to what we had just done.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear “Sometime when we are someplace where we can make noise I will scream and struggle against you if you like.”

He groaned noiselessly as his hands came up to his face and then he exclaimed in a whisper “Girl, you are one hell of a great fuck. Where have you been all my life?”

“I’ve been right here waiting for you to come to my rescue.” Then I smiled with my white pretty teeth. He pulled me down into a kiss. Then we slept like spoons.

The next morning we were all up early for our hike to base camp. I took special care to pack the few moss samples containing Teagueia that we had managed to collect in the short time I was there. William and I would have a look at them when I arrived in Quito. We packed up the whole camp as policy was to not leave a scrap of anything in the cloud forest that would let anyone know that a human was there. But, we had five people to carry downhill what only three people had people had carried uphill. So, the packs would be much lighter and the going far easier.

Pete distributed the packs and took the weightier loads for himself. Chuck led us out, having done the hike the most often of all of us. Mr. Butterfly walked next to Austin and they were not talking. Pete and I brought up the rear and when it was possible we walked side-by-side.

Some eight hours later when we arrived at base camp, José and the land cruiser were a welcome sight. After a brief break for a hearty dinner typico that José had brought, we got into the truck for the three hour drive to Quito.

José had made reservations at a bed and breakfast in town that used to be a mansion called the Hostel Santa Barbara. The rooms were quite inexpensive, yet it was very nice and well located in the city. William and the others were already staying there waiting for us to return.

When we arrived, we were all completely exhausted from our long travel day. I took a hot shower (oh my god it felt great!) and fell into bed alone (clean cotton sheets!). It was 11:00 at night and I was out cold a moment later. Tomorrow was tomorrow.


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thonnibg said...

"I wasn’t going anywhere."-That was great!
I also liked that"Susie" moment.
Very HOT again,Sue!
And thanks for the link to the hotel in Quito.I found there some pics of Quito itself too.The city is beautiful!

Sue said...

I am so glad it was good for you too guys! Can't wait 'til next time!

wally said...

I agree with about a boy wow and another wow...Loved it.

Sue said...

Thanks Wally. It was good for me too! ;)

Doug said...

Excellent, Sue. Still feeling bad for poor Butterfly, though. The juxtaposition of Austin's reaction post-sex with Sue's made me feel even sadder for Butterfly.

Sue said...

Story's not over yet Doug. Thanks!