Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review: StagHomme's Morpheus

From StagHomme:

This is real-life boyfriends Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse’s first feature together. On top of two different fucks this Stag Homme XXX feature contains watersports and five cumshots of which three are oral and one is hands-free. Morpheus is the god of dreams, both fearsome and tender ones…and Damien will receive both kinds tonight. The flick is a composition of two hardcore dreams that Damien experiences with Francesco. The first dream is more sensual and classically beautiful taking place outdoors in the tropics, in a pristine ocean surrounded by mangroves. The second dream is much darker, focusing on hard-pounding and violent sex utterly degrading nerdy Damien after he gets chased into and roughed up in the locker room showers. “Morpheus” is original in concept and execution, and not only is it scorching hot and filthy, but it just might be the most poetic porn feature you’ve ever seen. This is definitely NOT your typical porn. Illustration by Nicolas Brunet.

StagHomme continually surprises me. Just when I think I have seen all they have to offer, they pull out all the stops and come up with Morpheus. Morpheus is simply a tour de force in two parts. Brilliant in all aspects, the creative concept, the casting, the acting, the filming, the direction; how could I possibly say enough about it?

Plus, I have to say that part 2 literally made me hot. Part 1 was very romantic, dream-like and sexy, but when I saw Francesco chase down, strip and rape Damien, that was HOT!

So much work went into this and it shows. I congratulate all involved on this masterpiece. You have certainly raised the standards for the porn industry at large. For a small company to do this much work is unheard of in the industry. Congratulations! We enjoy the results of your efforts. Thank you Francesco and Damien!

You must see it yourself to experience it. Here is a trailer to give you a "taste".


smeTee said...

hi sue!

Very good review! I have not yet seen the video, but tonight I'll do it. But with what I saw I will surely love.

kiss sue

Dillinger said...

I don't usually care for porn of any genre. Leave it up to a Canadian jock to read porn blogs and not bother with the porn. I will never under estimate the creative genuis of what is D&F. Your review has caught me interest and I'm flirting with the idea of watching this one. Another thing thats drawing me is the whole symbolisim with the cartoon graphic picture..with the neck ties which im thinking are symbolic to Damien and Francesco's real-time togetherness in life. Plus I'm thinkin the scenes would be more natural since there is that whole deep rooted connection and lover thing going on.
So yeah thanks for the read and spikin my interest.
Should I Hug ya? Kiss Ya? Or Both?
How about both!
from me to you!

Doug said...

This was freaking amazing. OMG the pissing in part 2!

Anonymous said...

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