Saturday, January 10, 2009

Coffee with the Stars: Ross Hurston

Ross Hurston is the latest porn actor to be interviewed in StagHomme's Coffee with the Stars. Ross comes across as mature, well aware of where he is as a porn actor and quite lovable. But what is not to love in a man that treasures his body to such an extent that he does not smoke or drink alcohol and is grateful for his health. That is really sexy. Plus it is a really sexy body. Or so I am told... else, why would Hot House make him an Exclusive this year. Sigh. When he opened his shirt for a flash, this lady almost swooned. Woof!

When asked what kind of porn he likes to jerk off to he replied that Francesco turned him onto straight porn with Cody Cummings while they were together working on "Wood Work". Hmm. Cody is hot. I'll have to post more of Cody on my blog, though I don't think I'll be posting much straight porn.

Damien asked Ross what he thought of Ricky Sinz. Ross said that Ricky was really hot and was he here, were they going to shoot a scene? That was when he opened his shirt and said that he was ready. I was too!

Towards the end, Ross was asked how many diamonds he owned. He answered that he did not have enough for a tiara, but maybe tonight in Berlin, he would meet his big German sugar daddy; "the law of attraction is going to bring me a man tonight."

What a great video! I enjoyed every moment of it. It was just bliss.

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Dillinger said...

LOL Steve Cruz is the biggest fuggin ham for the camera.
LoL I love the stuff coffiee with the stars brings. There all chill and relaxed or excessively funny.