Saturday, January 03, 2009

Francois Sagat for Slick It Up

From Aaron Cobbett (more photos there):

Here are some shots of Francois Sagat to get you in the mood to party like its $19.99, some you've seen already, some you havent. Sagat is a fascinating creature, its almost as if a whole industry of images has sprung up around him.

He's a magnet for talented people, and its arguable that he has single-handedly raised the bar for male erotic photography through the choices he's made and his widespread popularity.You've really GOT to hand it to him, you never see a crap photo of him, no small feat when you consider the sea of second-rate hacks out there vying for photo credits these days. I only had 2 hours of this highly sought-after Superstar's time, so I had to work fast.

He's very soft spoken and professional in person, LOVES being in front of the camera, and really knows how to move that perfectly proportioned bod. (That ASS alone is worthy of scientific research...) These were shot for David [Mason], my buddy at Slick It Up, one of my very favorite clients, David always gets great models and the gear is fly, go to his website and start planning your Valentines day outfit now.. Happy New Year from Pink and Wrinkly....


Thonnibg said...

"That ASS alone is worthy of scientific research..."
I like that!:)

I love this set too!

Sue said...

Hmm. It occurs to me that I am trained in scientific research. Hmm. I could conduct, no participate... The mind boggles!

Toni - What is not to love about this set???

Anonymous said...

we've all been there and seen that !

Ray Avito said...

The all over black body suit is epic! Totally love him in that.

smeTee said...

putain !! il a vraiment un beau cul. Superbe photos !!!