Monday, January 05, 2009

Marco da Silva "Work" Poster Model

From Marco da Silva's blog:

Hey Peter Rauhoffer who is one of Americas biggest mixer(he remixed songs from Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Britney etc) asked me for permission to represent his Party WORK in January and so i ended up being on his Flyer for his Party.

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Thonnibg said...

Marco always ends up on the right places:)
That guy has a pretty good karma.

Sue said...

He sure does! Did you see what happened to him at that Janet Jackson concert? That was to die for!

Thonnibg said...

Oh yes!I saw it.

Stan said...

I thought Marco lived in Europe? Then I saw that Janet Jackson concert was right here in New Jersey!

Sue said...

Here is the url, in case any of you missed it:

Yes, I think he attended a concert in NJ.