Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fantasy - Egyptian Escapade Part 7

Previously posted July 20, 2007

The young explorer and Roble were dragged down the hallway by the brawny slaves and down a flight of stairs to an enormous room filled with naked men. They could both smell a sickly sweet odor. Some of the men were having sex, but many were still asleep. The room itself was decorated like a throne room in glorious silks of turquoise and white, embroidered with gold. Apparently this was an orgy room. The young explorer and Roble were pushed roughly to the marble floor by the brawny slaves that escorted them there. Some of the orgy participants began to make their way towards the two new men. Roble and the young explorer just looked at each other and smiled. This couldn’t be too bad, now could it?

But then, all got quiet and the sex stopped pretty much dead in its tracks as the brawny slaves guarded a very important person into the room. All eyes and bodies turned to bow to him. He walked to the throne importantly and stood there wrapped in a throw. He was large, black and ominous. His voice was booming as he said “I am Akbar. You are my new slaves. Bow before me!”

Akbar, Master of the Harem at Bubastis

With that, then Akbar descended from the dais that the throne was on, and walked around his two new slaves, assessing them. He nudged them with his toe, as if testing a new tire. “Roll over.”, he commanded them. So Roble and the young explorer did.

“Very good. I’ll start with this one.” He nudged Roble with his foot and two brawny slaves grabbed Roble and dragged him to his feet. Roble looked terrified and glanced back at the young explorer. But what could Mr. Butterfly do? He decided to take action.

“Stop! Don’t hurt him!” Then the young explorer quickly got to his feet and began to rush towards Roble. But he didn’t get far before the brawny slaves grabbed his arms again to restrain him. So he kicked at them and bit at them. More slaves came over and grabbed his legs. A wooden dowel was shoved into his mouth and he was tied up in no time flat. Roble had struggled too, but was tied with each wrist in a leather strap bent forwards over a padded platform. His legs were spread and chained down to the ground.

Akbar came forward and said, “You may want to consider smoking some opium before.” Then he dropped his robe and exposed his huge beer can cock, hard and ready to go. “I don’t want to have to gag you. Trust me, you will scream. It will be far more pleasurable with the opium.” An opium pipe was quickly produced. “Do you want the opium pipe?”

The pipe was held to Roble’s lips and Roble inhaled deeply. After a few breaths of it, his eyes glazed over and he was in another world. His head sagged listlessly and his hands hung from their ties like a dead man’s. Akbar stepped forward and grabbed Roble’s hips and unceremoniously began to assault him violently with his dick in an attempt to penetrate him.

Mr. Butterfly felt faint. He couldn’t watch his friend being raped. But, he had to. Tears came involuntarily out of his eyes. It was all so horrible.

As Akbar continued to ram his cock into Roble mercilessly, there was a trickle of blood coming from Roble’s anus. But, Akbar continued as if nothing was wrong. Now, Akbar was grunting much like a pig with every thrust and jerking Roble’s body like a rag doll. Then, Akbar began slapping Roble’s butt, as if he wasn’t punishing him enough. Finally, Akbar roared when he came and pushed Roble away from himself like dead meat.

“I am done with this one. Take him away. I will have the other tomorrow.” Then, completely naked and with his crotch still covered with Roble’s blood, Akbar strode out of the room. Roble just hung there, like a carcass.

One of the brawny slaves untied the young explorer, who then rushed over to untie Roble. He undid Roble’s hands and Roble flopped down on the padded ledge. Then he undid Roble’s feet and helped Roble lie down on the floor.

“Oh my god, Roble, I am so sorry. I tried to stop them, but there were too many.”

Roble was just so out of it from the opium, he couldn’t even make eye contact. The young explorer got up to look for some towels and water to see to Roble’s wounds. There was a large bath nearby and he found what he needed. None of the other men in the room offered to help. They were pretty much drugged zombies who continued the orgy as soon as the show ended.

With a damp towel, he wiped the blood off of Roble’s rear end and hoped the internal injuries weren’t so bad that they wouldn’t heal on their own. Then he offered Roble some water to drink and got him to sip a little bit. What was going to happen when the drugs wore off? How much pain would he be in then? Mr. Butterfly cradled Roble in his arms to comfort him and kept repeating how sorry he was.

Mr. Butterfly thought, by now, someone had to have noticed that they were missing. But how could they be found and when would help arrive? He began to despair.

Photo credits:

Roble & Brawny slave: Brawny Stud

Akbar: So Slowly


Thonnibg said...

That was so hot!Maybe I shouldn`t but I enjoyed it.
*feels guilty*

Sue said...

Hmm. I don't think you should feel guilty Toni. I wrote it for people to enjoy and I don't feel guilty. Rape fantasies have nothing to do with reality. They don't mean that you want real people to be raped or anything like that at all. They are just fantasies dear one! Enjoy! Oh and thanks!

about a boy said...

i enjoyed. :)

Sue said...

Thanks Chris!

Linda! said...

i enjoyed it as well! :) but that shouldn't come as a suprise!