Friday, January 02, 2009

NEW Friday Fantasy: Kamchatka Assignment, Part 6

That evening, everyone wanted to bathe in the hot spring. But the two with sore bottoms decided to go together first. Sue and Aleksei walked there together. They had never had the opportunity to talk and they were talking now.


I felt no particular reason to be modest in front of Alekesi, he was gay after all, wasn’t he? So I stripped down and got into the hot water, which felt so good on my newly raw little female parts. Aleksei followed suit and gave a little sigh of pleasure as he put his gorgeous round white ass into the water next to mine. Not that I looked. We smiled at each other in almost a conspiratorial manner.

He said “You know we are here together because we both have sore parts.”

I answered “Yeah, from sex.”

“Me from my eyes being bigger than my asshole. That Volchuk sure is hung.”

I laughed. “That he is.”

“Why is it that it never hurts when you are doing it?”

I laughed more and shook my head indicating that I did not know.

“So I hear you have a steady guy back home. How’s that going?”

“Okay I guess. I was supposed to be faithful to him but then I came out here and got raped right off.”

“Well that was hardly your fault.”

“Right. I know that. Then the rapist returned and Kirill chased him away and I fucked Kirill to thank him.”

“Oh. That could be construed as your fault.”


I sighed deeply and thought about my situation now as I trickled water from the hot spring over my breasts. Aleksei watched me with detachment. I noticed that he was getting an erection.

“Um Aleksei…” and I gestured towards his erection, “I thought you don’t like women.”

He embarrassedly glanced down at himself and said “I um, maybe sometimes I do. Would that be a problem for you?”

“Not particularly,” I answered.

“Would you care to talk to me some more about that?”

“What did you have in mind Aleksei?”

“Specifically, I have never slept with an American woman.”

“That was direct. And you would like for me to be this American woman.”

“Da. Please.”

“Well that is not going to help me with staying loyal to my boyfriend back home at all!”

“Nyet. But if you have already been with two other men, what will the difference be if you make it three other men?”

Thinking about it, I wasn’t really angry with Aleksei. Besides, his penis was smaller than Kirill’s and wouldn’t hurt me. He was very young, strong, nice and handsome. Also he was related to the great Vasiliy Alekseyev and that was really cool.

“Let me think about it Aleksei.” He leaned forward and took my hand and gave it a little kiss. It was a very sweet gesture. He averted his eyes as we dressed to return to camp and his politeness was most gentlemanly. It counted strongly in his favor.

Dr. Pavel Siderov

We passed Yuri, Kirill and Pavel on their way to the hot spring. Pavel was saying “I just don’t believe that you were able to run off that guard by simply telling him that he was a disgrace to the Motherland and he should fuck off. That is all I am saying Kirill.” Then he slipped out of his clothes and into the hot water.

Dr. Yuri Gasparov

Yuri joined him in the toasty water and said “I have to agree with Dr. Siderov, Kirill. I don’t see how just saying that would have dissuaded the guard at all. What was it that you said when he first raped Sue, Pavel?”

“I told him that he was ruining a diplomatic mission and that I would report him to his superiors. What he was doing would be known to his senior officers. There would be definite repercussions for his actions. Those words did not slow him down at all.”

Yuri summarized by saying “So we just don’t believe anything you could have said along those lines would have made any difference to him.”

Dr. Kirill Yavlinsky

But Kirill just smiled as he slowly undressed wondering if he would fit into the hot spring with the two other men. Then, suddenly he just jumped in, splashing all over the two men. “You guys are just jealous that I made some lucky idle threats that scared him to death and got me laid!” he said.

“You asshole!” said Pavel. “Sue slept with you?”

“I will neither confirm nor deny anything,” said Kirill with a leer. “But what other way did she have to thank her savior? By the way, she really is a hot piece of ass, Pavel.” Pavel lunged forward leading with his fist, but Kirill parried successfully and dodged aside. Kirill grabbed Pavel in a headlock and held him securely.

Yuri said “Boys, boys! Fighting over a woman! You straight boys are so primitive. When will you grow up and behave like civilized beings? Let me know when you are ready to join the human race.” With that he stood and got out of the crowded hot spring dried off and got his clothes to leave.

“I will release you if you promise not to attack me anymore and we can get dressed and go back to camp,” said Kirill.

“Only if you promise not to make inappropriate comments about Dr. Fairview, Kirill.”

“I promise.” But Kirill was thinking that his ploy of insulting Sue’s honor had achieved its purpose. It had diverted attention from what he had said to the guard.

Dr. Volchuk Askinya

Next to arrive at the hot spring were Volchuk and Mr. Butterfly. As soon as all three men left the couple stripped and got into the blissfully hot water. They sat as close as possible and kissed. Volchuk cradled the young explorer’s head and his soft lips met the young explorer’s and his tongue split into his lover’s lips and into his warm waiting mouth. They continued to kiss for a while.

Volchuk said “I want to tell you a secret sexual fantasy of mine.”

“Oh yes, tell me, please.”

“I want to make love with you and another man.”

“Huh? Please explain.”

Volchuk took a deep breath and went on. “Yes. I want you and another man inside me together.”
“But we have had a threesome before as I recall.”

“Yes, but I want you both up my ass at the same time.”

Mr. Butterfly was offended. “Aren’t I enough for you Volchuk?” He said with some anger in his voice.

“Please my sweet, don’t be angry with me.” Volchuk looked deep into the young explorer’s eyes for forgiveness. “You are always enough for me. This is just a fantasy of mine.”

Volchuk put his hand on the young explorer’s cock and nibbled on his earlobe and neck. He knew that these were the young explorer’s weak spots. In no time, the young explorer gave himself over to Volchuk’s ministrations and he groaned as he relaxed into the pleasant sensations.

“I want you in my ass now my love,” whispered Volchuk sensually.

“Then make me ready Wolf Cub,” answered the young explorer as he rose out of the hot spring and sat on the edge.

Volchuk wasted no time and descended on his lover’s half hard cock with his slurpy mouth. He teased the curly pubic hairs that the young explorer had let grow out and fondled his balls. He was in heaven. His tongue balanced the head of the limp dick as it fell this way and that inside his mouth and lolled around. Then, he tightened his mouth and gave it a good suck. Instantly he had the whole length of it inside his mouth. Then he spit it out and took one of the young explorer’s nuts in his mouth. Mmm. It was all hairy and wet from the hot spring. It tasted like mineral water. Then he licked up the length of the now erect cock and again took it into his mouth. He nibbled the helmet and pushed his tongue into the piss slit. Then he took the entire thing into this mouth again and deep throated it a few times. The young explorer groaned.

“Uh, okay roll over and I’ll…”

But Volchuk had already assumed the position, he was so horny. The young explorer rose up and grabbed a rubber from his clothes and readied himself. As Volchuk leaned on a rock, the young explorer entered him from behind. Volchuk gasped with the pleasure of it as he jerked himself furiously. The young explorer pumped away at him, but he wanted to see his lover’s face. So he pulled out and sat down again and said ‘Volchuk, come here and sit on my cock so that I can see your face as we make love.”

Volchuk complied immediately. Volchuk raised and lowered his own skinny body over the young explorer’s, unless they were kissing, then his lover pumped up into him. The hot spring sloshed about in waves with their lovemaking. Thank goodness they were the last pair there thought the young explorer as he exploded into his orgasm up into Volcuhk’s ass in the condom. Volchuk joined him shortly later on, cumming all over the young explorer’s chest and pelvis with his huge penis. They got back into the hot water afterwards and continued kissing.

The young explorer looked up at Volchuk and said “So who did you have in mind for the other guy?”

“Yuri. He has done it before.” Then Volchuk smiled at the young explorer and kissed him again to thank him properly.


Thonnibg said...

Sue you surprised me again very nicely!Very hot episode and humuruous:)
Love it!

Sue said...

How were you surprised?

Thonnibg said...

I liked the "Aleksei wants to have sex with Sue" line.

Sue said...

Ah! Thanks for all your comments Toni!

Linda! said...

that was GREAT- cant wait for the next one!

Sue said...

Thanks Linda!

Doug said...

LOVED the conversation between Aleksei and Sue. Sweet.

Sue said...

Thanks Doug!