Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Review: Stag TV - 4 Steps to the Perfect Episode

From StagHomme:
This episode of Stag TV takes you through the 4 steps (as well as various tips) on how to make an outrageously entertaining, severely decadent and completely unrestrained sexual episode of reality television. “4 Steps” not only features a nasty full-on sex show between Porn Stars Martin Mazza and Antton Harri, but also tantalizes you with the hottest children of the night Spain has to offer. Legendary go go dancers, titillating eye candy and Madrid’s fiercest drag queen along with Francesco D’Macho, Damien Crosse and Orlando Toro bring you nothing less than the highest form of bacchanal hilarity to spice up the sex show. We assure you that you’ve never seen anything remotely close to the perversion, liberalism and unapologetic insanity found in this episode.


Episode 8 delivers on its promise! Decadence abounds in this clip as does humor. We meet up again with larger than life characters Francesco D'Macho, Damien Crosse, Martin Mazza, and Orlando Toro and then meet new outrageous personalities like Le Menor and the Drag Queen Crystal. Le Menor is to die for hysterical. First let me say, who wears white heels after Labor Day? Okay, maybe that is just something in the US. Cristiano could tell us for sure. Nevertheless, he was a panic; he wants to BLOW out our candles. Oh yes and let's not forget eye candy Washington. He is way too shy to be a go-go dancer.

Then there was the wild sex show with Antton Harri and Martin Mazza after which Antton worries that his pants will not fit over his still erect penis. How long did the caverject last I wonder?

Damien and Orlando aping and heckling them beneath the stage reminded me of Statler and Waldorf in the balcony of "The Muppets Show". Too funny.

This is not one to be missed. Seriously.

Read a brilliant review at Unnatural Devotions:

It's drugs, dicks and decadence, not to mention an amazing cum shot from Mr. Mazza, and the whole night zips by you like the best party of your life. It's like an Almodovar film without all the melodrama, just the hunks and the queens and the gaiety. It's
Stag Homme at its best.


Doug said...

Menor was a riot and really rocked those shoes. Hopefully he'll make a return visit to Stag tv.

Thonnibg said...

Such a funny parallel with Statler and Wldorf:)
Great review,Sue!

Sue said...

Thanks guys; you are both too generous!

Toni - I am so surprized that you got my Statler and Waldorf reference. Yoiu watched the muppets in Bulgaria??? Really???

Thonnibg said...

Of course,sweetie!
Kermit The Frog was my fave:)

Sue said...

It isn't easy being green. :(

Thonnibg said...

Btw it was very nice to hear Francesco saying my name out loud several times in this video:)

gpcrush said...

Menor worked. those. shoes.

I don't know where he put his emergency pair tho. The boy had on a utility belt and a band aid.


andigirl said...

"...after which Antton worries that his pants will not fit over his still erect penis. How long did the caverject last I wonder?"

Suddenly in my head all I hear is the Prescription Medication Warning Guy talking real fast about painful erections lasting more than 4 hours. In my humble opinion they should ditch that shit and go back to using fluffers.

I know, then there'd be a Fluffer's Union demanding medical for carpel tunnel & knee pads...but at least a guy wouldn't have to worry about getting his pants back on, for chrissakes. *hehe*

I *sporfled* at Statler & Waldorf. Good times! XD

;) OXOX (hearts)

smeTee said...

hi Sue !!

Very good review! I liked the comparison with the Muppets Show