Thursday, January 08, 2009

Review: StagHomme's Gluttony

This is the first time that StagHomme has shown Francesco in an intimate setting, as if he was just living with another guy, and I enjoyed every moment of it (since he is my number one porn crush). What a delight to see him sneak out of bed in his stocking feet and come up behind Dennis to kiss him on the neck. Then they shared the milk that Dennis was enjoying by himself and circumstances escalated to much more as some milk, I'm sure it was by accident, spilt down Francesco's chest and abdomen. Dennis just had to lick him clean, didn't he? I certainly would have, wouldn't you?

Oh no! Then the front of Franceco's shorts somehow got open and Dennis accessed Francesco's meat. Oh my! Next thing we knew, hey where did that honey come from! Whoa, doesn't Dennis' cock look delicious with honey on it? Hmm, I want to lick it too! Then, Francesco turns Dennis around and oh, don't do it! He did. He poured honey on Dennis asshole. I feel faint. I want to push him out of the way, but Francesco seems pretty determined to have Dennis' ass to himself. Dennis doesn't seem to mind that at all.

Next thing it is part 2 and we are talking serious fucking using milk and honey as lube. The land of milk and honey indeed!
[Chemistry Aside: Honey actually has antibiotic properties. It contains beta-lactamases that are enzymes that kill bacteria by breaking down their cell walls. Many common antibacterial drugs, such as the penicillans are beta-lactamases. Evolution rewarded bees who produced these chemicals because it protected honey and their hives from rotting.]

Francesco jockeys for better position by placing Dennis' foot up onto a countertop as he rams his cock home and then we hear some serious moaning from both men. Both men cum onto each other's faces, then together they pour milk onto their cocks.
This one is highly recommended. Damien Crosse did a wonderful job with direction and the camera. Both Francesco D'Macho and Dennis De Nello were gorgeous and superb.

For Women only: Okay, it's just between us gals now. I am so not mopping that floor. I mean come on. It has milk, cum, honey, cut up boxers, wet socks, foot prints, and god knows what else. The Boys made this mess, and they can clean it up. I mean, I didn't even get to have any of the fun.


Thonnibg said...

Haha Sue,that was a fucking great review!
With such a good dose of humor in it!Great job!

I loved this vid too.The guys are just getting better and better.

Doug said...

Glad you got the password trouble cleared up. Loved the chemistry lesson with the honey. And I also wondered how they were going to clean all that up.

Sue said...

Doug! You weren't supposed to read the part about the clean-up! That was for women only! Bad boy!

Yeah, my first job at big pharma (circa 1982) was purifying beta-lactamases from mammalian organs so that we could test the resiliance of analogs to metabolism without using animals (a test required by FDA). Countless animal lives were saved within a short time of the enzymes being purified by our lab.

Bet you never thought you would hear than on a porn site!

smeTee said...

excellent post, Sue! You perfectly described the video. I also loved the party "chemistry". I also read the part for women. I think, that some guys would have loved cleaning.

merci SUE

gpcrush said...

Really, Sue? I'll leave Merry Maid stuff to you. I am not that woman!


Anonymous said...

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