Friday, July 18, 2008

Victor Banda by Nerone

The artist Nerone has done a portrait of Victor Banda. I think it is really quite fine. Don't you?


DTNZ said...

VB can fuck me on the floor anytime.

Is that wrong?

PS Sue - yes Sagat is visually appealing and obviously has a sense of art and creativity - but why do I get the sense that there is something "off" there?

Sue said...

No dtnz, it is not wrong for you to want Victor to fuck you on the floor. That would be alright for me as well. ;)

Monsieur Sagat is an INDIVIDUAL. I have no idea what about him you find "off".

DTNZ said...

Monsieur Sagat est tres sexualle est tres formidable.

He comes across as very angry and very anti-people. Thats what I get.

Sue said...

For myself, I like to give people whom I have never met the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are nice people. When you say he comes across, you mean from his videos and/or porn? Please remember that those are products and art. Not him personally. You do not know him.

Now, people that you and I have not met that we may safely assume are very angry and anti-people would be George Bush and Dick Chaney. There we have seen a preponderance of evidence and we would have to agree that they are angry and anti-people even without knowing them.

We have never heard from Monsieur Sagat's coworkers anything negative about him at all. Though maybe I would have to say that he does not suffer fools too well. But that would be a positive for me, as neither do I. Have you by chance seen his video where he imitates fans endlessly asking him if the thing on his head is a tattoo? It is hysterical, but unfortunately he has taken it off YouTube. He impatiently points to it with his middle finger and says that yes, it is a tattoo. Then he continues in French with many explicatives. Too funny. I wish he would put it back up.

DTNZ said...

*Bows to Sue*

You are of course correct.

I was being a bit of a shmuck.

DTNZ said...

Hey sue!

PS How 'bout you interview Monsieur Sagat for your site?

Let us see behind the porn name :)

Sue said...

You are forgiven. It is so easy to fall into making assumption about people. I'm afraid I am not an expert interviewer. But I would be honored to meet him if the opportunity ever arose and then of course, I would blog about it. ;)