Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Fantasy, Amazon Discovery Part 3

Previously Posted on March 2, 2007

The young explorer lay there on the ground, thinking what shall I do next? Suddenly, the Tender One leapt to his feet and keened an ear this way and that as if he could hear sounds far off in the jungle. The young explorer took this chance to try and rise, but the wild man ended that quickly with a foot on the middle of his back. Then the Tender One reached down for the explorer, pulled him up to his side and gestured for him to follow deeper into the jungle. The explorer wanted his clothes and picked them up to take them, but the wild man tore them away and threw them back onto the ground, grabbed the young man and pulled him in the direction he wanted him to go.

In a millisecond, the young explorer reviewed the situation. It was quite obvious that the Tender One wanted to abscond with him for lascivious reasons and in doing so, leave his clothes behind. He wondered if the rest of the camp would worry about him since it was approaching sunset and he doubted he would make it back before dark. He tried to picture someone finding this spot as it looked now with his clothes all strewn about. Would they know that he was alright? Was he alright? This man didn’t seem to mean him any harm. He could put up a fight, but he knew he would lose against this very strong and decidedly larger man.

He decided to go without resistance. Besides, he was going with this man for exploration and “science”. What chance would anyone ever have to study these primitive human’s sexual habits ever again? He nodded to the larger man and off they went deeper into the jungle. The young explorer did his best to keep up with the pace of the Tender One, who would stop from time to time to allow him to catch up.

***** ***** *****

Meanwhile, back at camp, Sue Fairview was wondering where Mr. Butterfly, her nickname for the young explorer, had got himself to. She decided to look for him. Off she went into the jungle. He was a quite a piece of work, was Mr. Butterfly. She liked him quite a bit, but he was peculiar. He was very particular about some things and didn’t really care about others. Noise seemed to really bother him, so she walked away from the camp noise and towards good butterfly hunting areas. It took her some time, but eventually she found his clothes. They were laying about in an odd fashion as if he had taken them off, and then struggled with someone to take them with him and lost. But who? Could he have met up with the Tender One as she had? She saw no blood, so certainly he was alive. She gathered up his things and returned to camp sullenly to report him missing.

***** ***** *****

The Tender One and the young explorer had reached the place the intended. The Tender One gathered some coconuts and fresh fruits for the explorer to eat. Nearby there was a fresh pool of crystal clear water and a thin but persistent waterfall of about twenty feet.

The Tender One went for a swim and the explorer joined him. It was bliss and paradise rolled into one. The water was cooling and refreshing and seeing the heavily muscled masculine figure of the Tender One glide through the water was a real treat. After that, while the explorer was relaxing, the Tender One came out of the water and halved a largish melon, scooped out the seeds with his hand, and began to make a poultice in it. He added leaves from local plants, flesh of small fruits, and a mushroom cap. He continued to pound and stir the mixture with an animal thigh bone until it was a gooey consistency. The explorer looked over with curiosity wondering what the goop was for. To the explorer’s surprise, the wild man slathered the goop on his penis and began to stroke it while ogling the explorer’s body. It didn’t take long for the large man to get an erection and then he gestured to the other to come over and try the goop on his penis.

The explorer took a deep breath and thought, okay, but this is just for “science”. He put his hand in the goop and put some on his penis. He began to stroke it on and there was an immediate local numbing feeling that passed quickly followed by and amazing warmth and feeling of well being that passed throughout his body. Once he was erect, the hallucinations kicked in and he just wanted to be fucked in the ass so badly he could taste it. He glanced at the gorgeous bronzed larger man with a needy, hungry look in his eyes, hoping that the man could read his mind. It seemed that the larger man could, because after slathering some of the goop on the explorer’s asshole the wild man came at him with out hesitation and spilled him over onto his hands and knees and entered him roughly with one or two sharp plunges of his huge member from behind. Under any other conditions it would have been excruciatingly painful, but with all of the drugs in the goop lubricating and numbing him and altering his senses, he felt nothing but need and satisfaction all in one.

“Oh god, this feels so good! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah, right there, there is my spot, oh yeah, man you have got it, ohhhhh.”, exclaimed the explorer. They went at it for what seemed like hours, since the drugs made them less able to cum as well. At some point the Tender One’s breathing became quicker and his thrusts more urgent and staccato, and somewhere in his brain, the explorer knew he was close too, but was too distracted to have any other rational thoughts. The explorer came first and his rectal muscles’ spasming brought the other man also. They came for what seemed to them to be extended periods of time, but in all reality probably wasn’t. Then they separated and lay there catching their breath, exhausted and covered with goo and cum.

Night had fallen.

***** ***** *****

Back at camp, Sue lay sleepless consumed with worry for the young explorer. What was he being forced to endure at this moment? She rolled over again, but could not find the bliss of unconsciousness. She only calmed herself by knowing that she would be out first thing in the morning to look for him.

Stay tuned for what happens next week to the young explorer and the Tender One…


thonnibg said...

That was fucking hot!
No wonder some readers thought you were a gay man,Sue:)
Can`t wait to see what happens to them.

Sue said...

Thanks Toni. I'm blushing. ;)