Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daily Wake Up Call

My goodness, I've been sleeping in lately. I must need the rest. Well, here is the wake up call for those of you who enjoy it. You know who you are...

Source: Daily Slab


Cristiano Mancini said...

I'm with you Sue about the sleeping..I guess I'm still jet lagged from Asia. Anyway I would love to wake up and have some of these friends in my bed next to me..you pick !

Sue said...

Oh, no need to be choosy Cristiano. Why not all of then and have a party?

The Slabber said...


Thanks for the shoutout!
Your blog is wonderful -- one of the seven wonders.


SYNRGY said...

Good Morning Sue (a little late)... excellent choices to wake up next to, all of them ;)

Love from Atlanta

Sue said...

Gee thanks Slabber. I'm an admirer of yours too. Seventh wonder eh? Really??? Maybe an overstatement.

glen_mc said...

You sleep in all you want Sue!

We need you rested so you will keep delivering pics of such HOT men!

Keep 'em cumming!!!!!!