Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Amazon Discovery, Part 1

First posted on Feb. 9, 2007.

On my last trip to the darkest reaches of the Amazon I was searching for rare wild epiphytic orchids. Suddenly, I came across the most astounding thing, a male bipedal mammal hiding in the pristine mud of the undergrowth. It was a human, and a gorgeous specimen at that. His skin was a lovely shade of light cocoa brown and his hair was black. He was perfectly muscled.

Shy at first, he stood up and proceeded to act as if he had never seen a Caucasian woman. Perhaps he hadn't living here in the remote Amazon. He touched my hair, my face, peered into my green eyes. He never spoke, though I told him my name was Sue in English, Spanish and Portuguese all to no avail. So I named him Tender One* since he touched me so tenderly. He was completely naked as you can see in the photo I took.

He began to tug at my clothing and I wondered exactly what he was trying to do. Then I understood he wanted to see the rest of my body, since he had never seen a white woman. He did not know how to remove clothing with modern fasteners like zippers and buttons since he had never been exposed to them either. Okay, I thought. This was for science. So I helped his unsure fingers undo the buttons on my shirt, then the zipper on my shorts. In no time I was as naked as he. He stared for quite sometime and then the touching began. His fingers gently stroked my body, testing it like fruits of the jungle to see if it was ripe.

But his body but was ripening too. My breathing quickened seeing his body respond to mine. Plus his innocent touch had turned me on too. Quickly he just lunged and grabbed me. I gasped. He forced his tongue into my mouth roughly and I struggled to breathe. He was so big and strong and there was nothing I could do. He took me with one strong arm over to a moss covered place in the forest, put me on my back spread my legs and pushed himself into me. Oh god, it felt so good. I moaned with pleasure and he became an animal in his lust grunting and groaning while wildly thrusting in and out of me while holding my ass in the air with his hands. I lost track of how many times I came with him. They all kind of blended together; each one occurring on the cusp of the other. He came in one final explosive thrust and then the beast in him was sated and became tender once again. He gave me gentle kisses and then a last longing look and took off through the thick rain forest for parts unknown, never to be seen again.

I discovered no rare orchids on my trip, but do have some interesting memories, don’t you think?

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* The Tender One is not a new burger entree at Wendy's as Little David has suggested.



thonnibg said...

I think you`ve discovered something very beautiful either(even though not a rare orchid)!:)

Yay!Sue`s returning to the Friday Fantasies!Can`t wait to read the rest.

Doug said...

I'm so glad the adventures are going to continue!

Sue said...

Okay, but they won't be every Friday!

Sh@ney said...

Just like a horny man "Two Pumps & a Squirt" then off he goes never to be seen again...LOL

WOW Sue, I had no idea you could be this easily taken. *winks*
Now I am most certainly intrigued with this new Fantasy. Bring on August!