Monday, July 28, 2008

Brawny Wake Up Call

Sorry, it seems that I've overslept! I should have set my Brawy Wake Up call on automatic last night! Well, here it is kids. Enjoy!

Source: Brawny Stud


Cristiano Mancini said...

Thank you Sue , for these pictures , they help a lot in facing another Monday morning !

Sue said...

Not a problem Cristiano! They help me too! ;)

YvesPaul said...

Great pics, Sue. Is number 2 and 3 the same guy? Their faces look a bit similar, but their bodies are a bit different.

Sue said...

Yes. both of them are Apollo Blue. He was on my Friday Fantasy Devil Down Under as Sgt. William Tuttle who raped Donnie as justice for his crimes. Good eye Paul.

There is one more who should be familiar. That is #5 who is Dr. Sue Fairview's current love, Pete.

Oh and the first photo is Shaney Boy's current crush Jesse.