Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Amazon Adventure Part 4

Originally Posted March 9, 2007

The next morning at sunrise, the young explorer awoke and the Tender One’s arm and leg were over him, holding him tight in an embrace while they had slept like spoons. Apparently, the Tender One had cleaned the goop off of them because both of them were clean. The Tender One was strongly and steadily breathing in his ear. He looked at the strong, manly hands of the wild man. God, every square inch of this guy was gorgeous. He was afraid to move lest he disturb the other man’s rest, but he really had to make his morning ablutions. He slowly arose, but this did not wake the wild man who slept soundly. He poked around the intended area as quietly as possible. He noticed the melon containing the goop they had used was covered with the top of the melon and resting in the water propped on some rocks, thus kept cool and protected from insects. He decided to go for a swim to get clean and refreshed and then try to leave. But, he didn’t know the way back by himself anyhow, so he couldn’t just sneak off. So he dove into the crystal clear pool and instantly felt more clearheaded as if the last of the drugs finally left his system.

While he was in the water, the Tender One awoke and watched him swimming. The native stood and strode to the water’s edge. He dove in powerfully and with manly strokes swam to where the explorer was. He playfully splashed water in the explorer’s face. The explorer splashed him back and a splash fight ensued. It ended when the native dunked the explorer and held him under, and then rescued him roughly by holding him across his chest and swimming with him to the beach. The explorer was a bit dazed and just hung limply letting the bigger man pull him along through the water.

***** ***** *****

Sue Fairview awoke and had convinced the rest of the camp the night before to allow her to take Mr. Butterfly’s things to where she had found them and wait for the Tender One there. So, she packed her backpack and set out for the spot where she had found the young explorer’s clothes. When she arrived, she sat down to wait. She took the young explorer’s things out of her sack and put them down next to her. The sun was coming up; she could just see it edging up through the dense canopy. She had not slept at all the night before, so she decided to lie down for a bit.

***** ***** *****

Now fully recovered from his dunking, the young explorer feasted on coconut milk, coconut meat and fresh fruit gathered by the native. The Tender One aped looking embarrassed as he “accidentally” dripped some coconut milk onto his penis and pointed it out to the young explorer as if to say, “Can you help me clean this up?” The young explorer smiled, as this was probably the native’s subtle way of asking for another blow job. He didn’t think he would get far refusing. So he went to it. He licked up the coconut milk. Then, while the native was still a bit soft, he put his tongue in between the foreskin and head and swirled around and that earned a deep moan from the wild man. Two large hands found his head and guided it up and down as the explorer tried not to gag on the now engorged large member of the native man. He created some suction, but the wild man became frantic with his hands and hips and now and again his large penis came out of the explorer’s mouth and made a noise as he lost suction. Eventually a rhythm was maintained and in no time the wild man came in creamy jets all over the explorer’s face and hair.

But then there came a real surprise. The Tender One seemed to want to learn this technique. He took the explorer’s index finger and put it into his mouth. He sucked on it with his tongue and lips and looked earnestly into the explorer’s eyes as if for approval. This look melted the explorer’s heart. These big brown eyes on this masculine face were just too much to bear. The explorer wanted to kiss him so badly just then. But he resisted because he really wanted to leave this place today. The explorer took the native’s larger index finger and put it into his mouth. He exaggerated putting his lips over his teeth to protect the finger from his teeth and then created suction and swirled the finger with his tongue. A look of understanding came to the native’s face. The practice on the explorer’s finger improved. The Tender One was now ready for the real thing.

The Tender One opened his large mouth wide and enveloped the young explorer’s already erect penis. There were some teeth initially, but this was corrected immediately. Then the suction began. It was incredible. The suction was incredible. It was like having an industrial vacuum attached to your penis. I mean he sucked!!! Hard! The explorer had never had anyone suck him this hard. The explorer couldn’t hold back, he exclaimed, “I’m cumming!” Then he let loose and came hard into the native’s mouth. The native had never tasted cum before and he looked thoughtful. But he swallowed it all. Then they held each other close and tenderly for a time and gazed into each other’s eyes.

Then, suddenly, the Tender One stood and left.

***** ***** *****

Sue Fairview had dozed off. A shadow passed across her face and she opened her eyes. It was the Tender One. “Oh!” She exclaimed, “It is you.” She stood to greet him, and he swept her into a kiss. He held the back of her head and the small of her back while kissing her. “Do you have the young explorer?” She gestured to his things on the ground. He released her and motioned for her to follow him. She quickly gathered her pack and Mr. Butterfly’s things and followed hiking at a quick pace to keep up with him as he led her deeper into the jungle.

Sometime later they reached the place intended and there was a naked Mr. Butterfly! She ran to him excitedly and said, “Mr. Butterfly! You are alive and well!”

“Sue! You found me!” They hugged, even though the young explorer was naked. ‘I have so much to tell you! You just won’t believe it. But I really want to get out of here. Oh you brought my clothes. Thank goodness.” He began to dress hurriedly. “You didn’t by any chance bring any collection bottles, did you?”

“Sure, why?”

“Grab some of that goop out of that melon in the water there if it is okay with the Tender One. Um. We used it as a lubricant. Um. Long story. But it had a hallucinogen and I would like to know which one. Maybe we could bring it back to the foundation for analysis.”

“Oh? Oh! Sure. Let me see. Yes, I have four plastic soil collection bottles that I carry for my orchids; each holds half a cup. I also have an ice pack that you mangle to make cold so we are all set.” The young explorer watched as Sue went over to the Tender One and pantomimed what was wanted. She took a collection bottle and pretended to scoop out some goop from the melon, screw the cap on and put it into her sack. Then she kind of gave an asking look, like would this be okay with you? The she showed the native the four bottles. The native scrunched his eyes as if trying to understand why anyone would want his goop, but finally acquiesced. So, Sue gathered the two cups of goop as planned, mangled the ice pack to make it cold, and put all of it into her sack. All that was left was for the Tender One to lead them back.

The Tender One did not look happy, but he led them out and back to the original place he had met both Sue and the young explorer. The native gave the young explorer a last kiss good bye. He shoved his meaty tongue into the explorer’s mouth and pressed his erection onto the explorer’s crotch, just to give the explorer something to remember him by. The explorer’s last thought was good thing I didn’t eat his gorgeous brown ass, or he never would have let me go.

***** ***** *****

Back at the privately funded Foundation (that is the Foundation for Understanding Nature, a.k.a FUN) the goop was submitted for chemical analysis. Sue and Mr. Butterfly awaited their next assignment location. This trip had really brought them closer. They shared all their dirty, scandalous little secrets. Now they were fast friends; thick as thieves. They vowed to travel together whenever possible.

New adventures begin the second week of August. Where will Mr. Butterfly and Sue Fairview travel next? Stay tuned next week for a repeat Friday Fantasy. Where will they go on that adventure?


thonnibg said...

I`m sure you was a man in your previous life,Sue:)
Very hot!

Hope we`ll get to meet Pavel next time.

Sue said...

I have dreams that I am a gay man so maybe I was. It is in your future to meet a man named Pavel. I see it quite clearly...