Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas' Friends

My mother has always told me that life is unfair. She is so right! Do men who look like this in leather deserve to have such hot friends???

Daniel Marvin sports a leather harness and Pedro Andreas nothing much.

Hot friend Dennys

Juanjo with his sexy tattoo in the waves

Source: Marvin & Andreas


thonnibg said...

You`re right,this is absolutely unfair:)hehe
Sigh,so much hotness...

Btw Sue,did you see,Dillon Buck has added your blog to his blogroll.He`s such a sweetheart!

Sue said...

Gee, thanks for letting me know Toni. I have added him to my pals!

Marvin & Andreas said...

hi sue, , we just want to tel you tks foe allways take a look at our blog and also let you know, that juanjo has his arm tatoo since long tima a go. itsnt new. big kiss to you daniel marvin & pedro andreas

Sue said...

Thanks Daniel & Pedro! I love you guys that is why I look at your blog every day! It is my pleasure really! Kisses!

mascdudewriter said...

Damn, I need friends like that!